If he can do it, she can do it…but in a thong

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Fact: Males play more video games than females. It’s also a fact that the amount of “girl gamers” is growing, and fast. This means that the end of sexism, stereotypes, and sexual objectification of women is upon us. Or is it?

I always thought it was ridiculous for Lara Croft to hunt down dinosaurs wearing only short shorts and a tank top, or Dead or Alive women fighting for their lives in their bikinis. But as a guy, I wasn’t complaining. Final Fight’s Mike Haggar ran around Metro City shirtless, and I wasn’t offended.

Oral fixation.
Oral fixation.

Growing up with two older sisters gave me a different perspective on the whole sexploitation situation. Not once did they complain about Cammy’s ass cheeks hanging out during her winning pose in Super Street Fighter 2, or Aya Brea’s shower scene from Parasite Eve.

There’s no denying that sex sells, and men like to watch hot women, while females tend to focus more on personalities and emotions. My buddies and I loved watching Mai Shiranui’s boobs jiggle, but how horrible would it be for us to see Zangief’s nutsack bounce around while performing spinning piledrivers? Oh, the humanity….


Anyone easily offended by virtual skin or suggestive themes can always stick to playing Cooking Mama or Kinectimals, but know that you’re missing out on great titles with powerful female leads that take video games beyond the mediocrity of sex appeal-driven media geared towards immature pubescent boys, like The Guy Game.

Not all game heroines are dressed provocatively or are complete bimbos. Metroid’s Samus Aran is a bounty hunter who has saved the galaxy from life-sucking parasites and space pirates. Half-Life 2’s Alyx Vance knows her way around a computer, and has no problems shooting monsters with a shotgun. Uncharted’s Elena Fisher is a professional journalist who’s surprisingly athletic and a very reliable ally. Super Mario World’s Princess Peach is…nah, she’s a bimbo.

Am I missing any other non-sexualized female characters?

Oh, Google....
Google knows what I really want….

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