E3 2011: Potent quotables from E3 day one

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We listened to a cavalcade of words come out of hundreds of peoples' mouths so you didn't have to. These were the best ones! Words, that is. (See part two here.)

"I have been stuck on this level of Angry Birds for two months."

– Audience member at EA's press conference.

"I learned the letter B from Big Bird, how to count from the Count, and how to take care of my body from Cookie Monster."

– Double Fine's Tim Schafer during the Microsoft press conference, while rubbing his…um…slightly plus-sized tummy.

"Unleash the simulated family!"

– Schafer again, introing the demo for Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster.

"I believe everyone's creation is their own. I got annoyed in Littlebigplanet when my levels got changed and redistributed. I forgot to check the little box."

– Q Games' Dylan Cuthbert explains why Pixeljunk Lifelike's music tracks won't be available for remixing.

"Not gonna lie, I have no idea what the fuck this game's about. That short lady can help you out."

– Booth lady at Konami.


"It is a pretty fucking cool game. Oh, man, I promised I wouldn't swear."

– Developer David Jaffe during a Spike/GTTV Twisted Metal 2 demo.

"I swear to god, I have not played a game in five years. The last game I played was DoomThis is art in its purest form."

– Michel Gagne, "artistic vision" for Shadow Planet Productions, on coming from Hollywood (he worked on Pixar's Ratatouille) to work on a video game for the first time. He created the art for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.

"Oh god, you're writing this down. Please, no, the spoilers!"

– Atlus's Aram Jabbari while detailing ____ about Catherine

"I'm thinking of putting on a wig and going to the women's bathroom."

– Show attendee lamenting the long lines at the men's room.

"Now that I'm into this Pilates thing, I'm pumped."

– EA CEO John Riccitiello.

"My stomach gets a little pooch when I'm on my period."

– Anonymous "booth babe."


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