Adobe has Apple’s iOS in its sights with updated Flash Builder and Flex

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Adobe on Monday announced that updated versions of its Flash Builder and Flex applications are now available. The apps now support iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry PlayBook. Previously, Flash developers were only able to port their apps over to the Android Market.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has publicly derided Flash and talked about the platform declining. So it’s fascinating to see the ways Adobe keeps Flash relevant in an age where Flash isn’t accessible through the increasingly important Mobile Safari Web browser.

Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 will now include tools that target the iOS platform. Adobe is stressing that using a single “tool chain, programming language, and code base” to build a wide array of apps will ultimately be an easier and more cost-effective decision than developing for all platforms separately.

Adobe announced it would be opening the door to port to iOS devices and the BlackBerry PlayBook back in April when it was hyping the Creative Suite 5.5 suite of products. Apple has allowed Flash and other conversion tools for iOS apps since September.

Most likely, these applications will not be significant in changing how developers decide to code. But they do incentivize developers that already work with Flash exclusively or on a regular basis to consider porting their apps to the iOS platform, where they could see great financial gains. Apple said at its recent WWDC conference that it has paid more than $2.5 billion to iOS developers for apps in the App Store.

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