News Blips: Sony CEO asked to step down, OnLive on PS3/360, Minecraft 1.8, and more

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The Supreme Court of the United States was correct. If Postal is protected by the First Amendment, then BioShock Infinite certainly is.

News Blips:

A report suggests that many shareholders want Sony CEO Howard Stringer to step down. The company and the people who own stakes in the tech giant are reeling from the recent cyber-attack that leaked millions of users’ personal data. The incident caused PSN to be removed from the Internet for a month and did immeasurable damage to the trust customers place in the Sony brand. Sounds like the perfect time for a fresh start. In a recent meeting, many shareholders asked Stringer to step down, but the embattled CEO did not respond to those requests. [IndustryGamers]

OnLive is in talks with Sony and Microsoft about streaming games through their consoles. The game-streaming service that currently only runs on PCs/Macs and its own “micro-console” has very impressive technology, but its library of titles isn’t exactly extensive. One thing that would help is if Microsoft and Sony let the company stream their first-party — and potentially third-party — games on their home consoles. “OnLive guys [are] talking to [Sony and Microsoft],” OnLive Engineering VP Joe Bentley told CVG. “We’ll see where it goes. But it would absolutely work with [both systems].” The potential of this could be DirectX 11, current-gen PC graphics on the home consoles with nothing more than a small software download to run OnLive’s service. I’ll be surprised if it gets that far, however. Someone is bound to pay the money to get full ownership of this tech.

Minecraft developer Notch is pushing Adventure mode to the game’s upcoming 1.8 update. The Scandinavian block-world game still hasn’t reached its 1.7 update — which will add pistons — but that hasn’t stopped Mojang Studios from dropping info about the 1.8 update. Unfortunately, that info is about the delay of the game’s more directed Adventure mode. While 1.7 is said to be arriving “soon,” the 1.8 update won’t be released for some time. Surely, though, it can’t be too long. After all, the game's "release date" is in November.

An online survey determines the public’s 40 favorite arcade games. Arcade games have been around for about 40 years. To celebrate that milestone, KontrolFreek — a company who developed an arcade-stick attachment for the PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers — commissioned a study to find out what arcade games people hold closest to their heart. I don’t even need to check the list — I know that Warlords is going to be everyone’s favorite! Here are the top 10 games:

1.       Pac-Man
2.       Donkey Kong
3.       Space Invaders
4.       Asteroids
5.       Frogger
6.       Ms. Pac-Man
7.       Centipede
8.       Pong
9.       Mortal Kombat
10.     Galaga

The hell?! Warlords isn’t even on the list. Whatever, I have exquisite taste that the normies just can't appreciate. Highlights beyond the top 10 include Street Fighter 2 at 11, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at 15, Dragon’s Lair at 20, and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker at 35. You can find the complete results here.

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