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Evolution 2011 is the Super Bowl of fighting-game tournaments — if the Super Bowl ran for three days with limited commercial interruption. Over one thousand players from around the world came to Las Vegas to battle in Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, Mortal Kombat, Tekken 6, and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2. Now eight players remain in each game, and by the end of the day one will rise to become an EVO champion. Hardcore fans have been eagerly anticipating this event, and now the waiting is finally over.

Streaming video by Ustream

Note: Evolution 2011 runs double-elimination tournaments. If someone loses in the main bracket, they are sent to a loser's bracket where they can still win the competition but have to defeat more opponents. I'll update the results as they happen.


Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

1. Fuudo (Fei Long)
2. Brokentier Latif (C. Viper)
3. Totalheads Poongko (Seth)
4. MCZ| Daigo Umehara (Yun)
5. eLive| Kindevu (Yun)
5. MCZ| Tokido (Akuma)
7. WolfKrone (C. Viper)
7. Flash Metroid (Zangief, C. Viper)

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

1. BOX Viscant (Wesker/ Haggar/ Phoenix)
2. MCZ|DMG PR Balrog (Dante/ Wolverine/ Tron, Dante/ Amaterasu/ Wolverine)
3. EG| Justin Wong (She-Hulk/ Wolverine/ Akuma, Wolverine/ Storm/ Akuma, Storm/ Wesker/ Akuma)
4. cc.coL| Combofiend (She-Hulk/ Taskmaster/ Spencer)
5. UVG| Noel Brown (Wolverine/ Wesker/ Akuma, Wolverine/ Wesker/ Phoenix)
5. cc.coL| Filipino Champ (Magneto/ Sentinel/ Phoenix, Magneto/ Dormammu/ Phoenix)
7. Mine (Wesker/ Taskmaster/ Phoenix)
7. X-Ray (Dante/ Amaterasu/ Magneto)

Mortal Kombat

1. MCZ|DMG Perfect Legend (Kung Lao)
2. vVv REO (Mileena, Cyrax)
3. JOP (Johnny Cage, Raiden)
4. LB NYChris G (Reptile)
5. Denzell Terry (Liu Kang, Johnny Cage)
5. 16-bit (Kitana)
7. ATL Redd (Liu Kang)
7. Online Tony (Kabal)

Tekken 6

1. MCZ|DMG Kor (Bob)
2. NYC Fab (Bob, Miguel)
3. Rip (Marshall Law)
4. Just Frame James (Marshall Law, Baek Doo San)
5. Crow (Bob)
5. Mr. Naps (Bryan Fury)
7. MCZ|LLL Ryan Hart (Kazuya)
7. MCZ|Tokido (Bob)

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2

1. Spark (Haku-Men)
2. Lord Knight (Litchi, Makoto)
3. MCZ|Tokido (Noel)
4. Zong One (Carl)
5. Heart Nana (Makoto)
5. Severin (Lambda-11)
7. DSmoove12 (Noel)
7. Wuku (Hazama, Rachel)

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