Spotlight: Street Fighter addicts, neon wastelands, Steel Battalions, and more

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The Community Spotlight highlights some of the best articles that didn't quite make the front page. This week, we've got confessions of a Street Fighter addict, an account of life in Fallout: New Vegas, a new take on Duke Nukem Forever, and more Steel Battalions than you can shake a huge, overpriced controller with foot pedals at.

Diaries of a Street Fighter addict, part 1: "My two left hands"
By William Harrison
Williams just can't help himself. No matter how cool a new game looks, a few days later he gets sucked right back into Super Street Fighter 4. I know the feeling; sports games scratch that itch for me. Then I realize I've played eight straight exhibition games for no reason.

Neon wasteland: Against the odds
By Tristan Damen
Fallout: New Vegas is far from a perfect game, especially when it comes to bugs. But Tristan writes, "I'm taking these lemon-like gameplay mechanics and I'm making lemonade." Read on for his adventures in the wasteland.

Duke Nukem Forever looks pretty young, but it's just back-dated
By Kyle Vanhove
Duke Nukem didn't exactly get a warm welcome back to the gaming scene. Kyle says that's because he's simply a product of a different time. "My point is that Duke Nukem Forever cannot be given an accurate review score, because it’s a relic of previous gaming generations," he writes.

Making an accessible fighting game
By Tuan Kim
I'll never be good — or even decent — at fighting games. They're completely inscrutable to me. But Tuan's got a sprawling essay on how to fix that aspect and open the genre to all gamers. His solution: a new kind of title that he calls "a fighting-adventure hybrid." Check it out.

Steel Battalion: The legacy
By Patrick Bonk
All I know about Steel Battalion is that it involves giant machines and giant controllers. That is, until I read Patrick's retrospective on the series. Now I'm actually curious about it. (Not, like, curious enough to actually play it. But close.) Good stuff, Patrick.

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