How to Shake Up Nintendo

Warning, I am a huge Nintendo fan. A fan that has to turn to other consoles for games that I want to play. Franchises like Pokémon and Zelda have become forum fodder for their stagnating game play. After some thought, and ideas from others, here is what I think Nintendo needs to do to keep people from writing these games off as “the same game”.

1. Legend of Zelda MMO or Massive Single Player Online RPG (MSPORPG)

I know this has been joked about on the Mobcast but a rumor appeared on Zelda Informer suggesting just that. It can either be an MMO, or a less scary MSPORPG.I like the idea of being

2. Link as a Girl

I don’t know if this counts but I’m sure a few people would be upset if Link was suddenly a girl. I figured since tons of girls play these games and get stuck playing as a dude that a change of pace is in order. Maybe Bitmob would have less hate for girl on saving girl action?

3. Pokémon MMO (or MSPORPG)

This one is a long shot but I’m sure every Pokémon fan would love it. Imagine a world where every region is assessable (or available as an add on) and every Pokémon wonder around in a beautiful 3D world. Now imagine becoming a trainer and trying to become the Champion of your real world region, or the world! Even if it had to be MSPORPG, it might be easier to pull off. Trainers that traveled through recently can appear in your world and when fought, can be adjusted to your team’s level.

This article has great ideas for a Pokémon MMO.

4. Pokémon versions Champion and Villainous (names probably need work…)

Bear with me on this one as I try to explain how this works. If you know anything about the anime Code Geass this might go somewhat smoother, but I imagine most of you don’t. Some starter notes; main characters at the age of 20ish and because Team Rocket is awesome I’m using them as a place holder (unless that’s what everyone wants).

In Champion you want to get a job in the world battling Pokémon by joining the ranks of the Gym Leaders and even the Elite 4 to save your friend from Team Rocket.

In Villainous Team Rocket kidnaps you. Alas you prove to be a worthy trainer to help their cause. With a heart of justice you decide to try to climb the ranks and one day become the leader to shut down this organization from within.

The two stories would weave together and test the bonds of friendship between to two sides of justice. I’ve had an idea like this since the early Gold/Silver days but I couldn’t figure out how to play as a bad guy, since Nintendo and Pokémon always trumpet good over evil.

The inevitable third game would be your friends younger sibling doing the normal gym challenge, with a story that weaves through both stories and has a different ending. I don’t think Nintendo can release a new generation without the tried and true Pokémon formula.

Other suggestions that Nintendo could do to shock people

1.     Make and maintain an awesome online experience that compares to XBLA/PSN.

2.     Give other regions awesome games that would normally stay tucked away in Japan. (Shout out to Operation Rainfall)

3.     Make Samus a bad*** again.

4.     Buy a downloadable game and play 3DS or WiiU. Along the lines of PS Minis or Ipad/iPhone games.

What do you think? Crazy fan talk or neat ideas?

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