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Last week’s release of Deus Ex, in addition to being one hell of a way to start the pre-holiday video game season, jump started the video game releases as the numbers slowly climbs up above… well, three per week. Oddly enough, The DS releases take charge this week with five games coming out of the gate. If this is Nintendo’s idea of counterprogramming against Deus Ex, somebody in Nintendo’s needs to be fired.

Remember. Release dates are quite literally made at the whims of the publisher.  The following are subject to change without any warning.


Releases To Watch For This Week

See! Even Ray Lewis is excited

Madden 12 (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP)

Tuesday August 30, 2011
With the NFL back into full swing after it's shortly lived lockout it's only appropriate that we get in the game by getting in the game. Madden 12 brings us more than just a roster update this year as gameplay, presentation and even franchise modes have been given updates. Okay may be I fibbed a little and for the most part this version of Madden will be exactly like last years, but like a good cash cow Tiburon has incentivized us enough once again! This year we see the game's defensive AI beefed up, collision has been addressed and franchise has received enough meat to resemble more Skeletor and less of a skeleton. Even online has seen its share of improvements. Even with the season right around the corner there's always time for more football!


Honorable Mention


Bodycount (Xbox 360, PS3)

Tuesday August 30, 2011
If Bulletstorm is the vanguard of the counterculture movement against the mainstream first person shooter genre, then consider Bodycount as the second wave. Being the spiritual successor to the PS2 shooter, Black, and made by the same guys naturally, Bodycount focuses the game back onto that big, black thingy you’re usually holding in front of your face. Although it does have a story (sort of), Bodycount really wants you to enjoy the act of shooting the various guns you pick up. Unlike Bulletstorm or Rachet and Clank, these guns won’t be anything you haven’t seen before, but the developer aims to make these guns feel and sound better than guns from other games. In addition, they’ve also implemented the shredding system.

Almost every wall in the game can be destroyed with bullets and explosives. Environmental destruction has been done before in other games including some upcoming ones, but unlike them, Bodycount tips the balance of power between walls and bullets towards the bullets side. In real life, a machine gun would probably take at least 15 minutes and hundreds of bullets to actually destroy a sturdy wall, and that’s the formula that most environmental destruction system takes. Bodycount just makes the bullet so powerful that one clip and about 20 seconds is all it will ever take to destroy a wall.

Your character can also gain superpowers like being invulnerable for a couple of seconds or calling in air strikes. These powers can be activated once you save up enough colored orbs that enemies drop after their unfortunate encounter with your bullets. One even makes your bullets explosive for however long the ability last.

Like every shooter in existence, Bodycount will have your standard multiplayer modes and the recently standardized edition of co-op Horde mode as well, but the central focus of the game looks to be in the single player mode where you and your guns, along with the ungodly amount of bullets spewed. The current mainstream market is deeply entrenched in military and overly serious shooters, but that makes games like Bodycount that much more necessary to balance it out. Let’s see if everyone else feels that way.


Coming This Week

Tuesday August 30, 2011

Gunslingers (Wii)

Ah, the Wii. The ultimate platform for your run-of-the-mill on-rails shooters. Don’t get me wrong, though. On-rails shooters can actually be good a-la Dead Space: Extraction, but most likely than not, you get Gunslingers, a western themed sheriff versus bandits and those evil savages formerly known as Indians complete with feathered headdresses. A fact made awkward by the fact that one of the four character you get choose from appears to Native American as well, with a feather sticking out his headband naturally. The reason we haven’t heard any kind of controversies surrounding this game can be reduced to one sentence. Nobody cares about Gunslingers.

Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D (3DS)

What’s there to say about fishing games? Well, this one sports 50 championship tournaments, customizable avatars, a plethora of reels, rods, lures, and other gears all in glorious 3-D. Six-pack sold separately.

1001 Touch Games (DS)

The name says it all. Because a thousand games just isn’t enough to satisfy the ADD that’s become such an inherent part of humanity, we have to have a thousand AND one games all jammed into one DS cartridge. Not bad I guess if you like Solitare, Sudoku, Mahjong, Tangram, etc, etc.

Hoppie (DS)

Remember Q*bert? You know, that little orange fuzz-ball with a tube for a mouth and only speaks in printed censored curse words? Replace him with a pink rabbit with a single spring for legs, and you basically get Hoppie. Why we’ve decided to revisit the Q*bert formula without Q*bert escapes me.

Junior Island Adventure (DS)

Looking for a mini-game collection for your kid? This one has, like, six of them made specifically for kids, in case you can’t tell from the title. Thank God it’s cheap at $20.

Junior Mystery Quest (DS)

Looking for a hidden object game for your kid? This one comes wrapped with a mystery story made specifically for kids, in case you can’t tell from the title. Thank God it’s cheap at $20. Why does this sound so familiar?

Veggie World (DS)

Take the balls hard shoot’em up style of Sin and Punishment. Now replace everything with vegetables, and slow everything down to kids level. Not a bad alternative to Sin and Punishment, so long as you don’t mind the vegetable aesthetic and the undoubtedly childlike level of difficulty.


Oh, Deus Ex. What have you done? You’ve somehow become the harbinger of cheap DS games. Anyways, I’m sure just about everyone will be buying Madden this week while ignoring just about everything else on this list. Not that I can blame them. Still, that Bodycount game looks sort of interesting.


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