Stick to the Script Example: Boo-Hoo Boss Battle

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For this writing challenge example, I chose to design a fictious boss battle set in the Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island universe. I decided to write a script and added in a few pictures at the end for reference, but a storyboard, flowchart, or a combination of any or all of the three is acceptable.

Also, to conserve readability after Bitmob's formatting changes, I've made a few modifications to true script writing procedure.



YOSHI and BABY MARIO approach a large door deep in the mansion. On the door is a sign showing the scribbled words “KEEP OUT”. 

Upon entering the study, the door will slam behind the player.



What was that? Who’s there? Can’t you read the sign?

The camera will pan over to a large, blue BOO frantically floating about. Nervous sweat beads fly off him.


Maybe it was just the wind. Yeah, that must be it.

Nothing to be afraid of, right RUPERT?

BOO-HOO turns around and continues to mumble to a small, stuffed bear.


You’ll keep me safe, won’t you RUPERT?

The camera will pan back to YOSHI and BABY MARIO giving full control back to the player. The player walks across the room, filled with bookcases, until reaching BOO-HOO and RUPERT, scaring BOO-HOO.


ACK! Intruders! RUPERT, protect me!

BOO-HOO tosses the stuffed bear in front of YOSHI and BABY MARIO and then goes transparent as he covers his eyes with his hands. Silence for a beat.

MAGIKOOPA appears.


Hm? Well that’s disappointing. Let’s make this a bit more interesting…

MAGIKOOPA flies across the screen a few times spreading his rainbow dust. RUPERT begins to glow and then grows to five times the size of the player. The small zipper on RUPERT’s stomach is now prominently displayed.


RUPERT will loop a pattern of stomping around the screen and unzipping his stomach, grabbing some fluff from inside himself, using the fluff as a projectile against YOSHI, and then zipping himself back up so he can go back to stomping.

To defeat RUPERT, YOSHI must throw eggs into RUPERT’s stomach when it is unzipped. When hit, small fluff will fall out of RUPERT, which YOSHI can eat and turn into eggs. Missed fluff projectiles will also break into egg-able pieces of fluff. All other attacks will bounce off RUPERT harmlessly.

RUPERT will become progressively faster with each successive hit against him. After five hits, RUPERT will explode into fluff pieces.

After the battle, BOO-HOO will slowly uncover his eyes.


Is it…over? Did you win, RUPERT? RUPERT? RUPERT! Where did you go?

BOO-HOO runs off to search for his stuffed friend.



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