Spotlight: Domestic gaming distress, the holiday season, Street Fighter confessions, and more

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The Community Spotlight highlights some of the best articles that didn't quite make the front page. This week, we've got a layered approach to gaming, an examination of the industry blogosphere, a tale of customer service woe, and more Street Fighter confessions. 

How I play games (and complain about my boyfriend)
By Corey Motley
Playing a new game can be a wondrous experience. Playing a game you know your friend has already played? A little less magical. That's what Corey has found, as his boyfriend has beaten him to the punch on many titles, preventing him from taking his usual measured approach. I feel you, dude — my little brother did that to me all the time.

A discussion about the gaming blogosphere
By Jeff Heilig
At Bitmob, we're big proponents of writing about games, and we want to give everyone a platform to do so. Jeff's taking it one step further by encouraging folks to find their own niche in the games writing world. "Personally, I implore anyone daring enough to read through this entire post to start a blog," he writes. We agree — it's great practice. 

What game will lose out this holiday season?
By Jeff Heilig
In Jeff's second Spotlight article this week, he takes a look at the list of titles scheduled to hit stores by the end of 2011. Which one will sell the best? You'll have to click through to see Jeff's opinion. Me, I just hope my bank account survives. 

How to change systems in 4,000 easy steps (or how I got f***ed)
By Anders Frederiksen
The PlayStation Network intrusion earlier this year struck fear into every gamer's heart. Anders had a similar experience with fraudulent activity on his Xbox Live account. He shares his story here. Hope things work out for you, buddy.

Diaries of a Street Fighter addict: Lather, rinse, hadoken, repeat
By William Harrison
The flowchart that accompanies William's article shames me, because it shows exactly how I play Street Fighter games. I've never gotten good enough to do anything different. William expresses his frustration with "shoto" spammers like me, but he points out that they are good for one thing: practice. Happy to be your punching bag, William. 

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