Similarities between Street Fighter 2 and World Heroes

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When Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior was released in 1991, it set the arcade scene on fire. Before long, other game companies were blatantly copying Capcom's masterpiece.

ADK’s World Heroes “borrowed” numerous features, moves, and character designs from Street Fighter. Here’s a look at some of the most obvious similarities between the two fighting games.

Who knew Nazi cyborgs and yoga masters had so much in common? Brocken not only looks like M. Bison, but he also stretches his limbs like Dhalsim.

Dragon's Hyakuretsuken

Chun-Li and Kim Dragon are from China, and both have lightning-fast strikes. Coincidence? You decide.


Fuuma's Enryuha

Street Fighter has Ryu and Ken. World Heroes has Hanzo and Fuuma. The blue and red ninjas have the exact same special moves as the Shotokan karatekas, right down to the Dragon Punch.

Did I mention that Brocken looks like M. Bison? The German robot has a “Rocket Jump” that looks much like the Shadaloo leader’s Psycho Crusher. Brocken also has a scissor kick. The futuristic soldier is nothing more than a fancy copy machine.

Whatcha gonna do when Muscle Power runs wild on you?

It is written in the Bible that every fighting game must have a big, burly brute. At first glance, Muscle Power resembles Hulk Hogan; on closer inspection, he’s basically Zangief in American flag-themed underwear.

Hanzo is World Heroes’ version of Ryu. Even the Iga ninja’s victory pose mimics Ryu’s: A magical breeze shakes their fashionable headbands.

Dragon and Fei Long have similar character designs; both pay tribute to legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. But this time, Capcom may have copied SNK: Fei Long made his debut in Super Street Fighter 2 (1993) one year after World Heroes' release.

Kick, punch, it's all in the mind

In many fighting games, scoring consecutive hits on your opponent makes them dizzy, but I can’t remember that gameplay feature before Street Fighter 2, so….

Certain World Heroes stages have fire hazards that engulf characters in flames. The blazing bodies look equally horrific in both titles, and way too similar. Can you tell the games these scorched carcasses belong to?

I would cry too if my hand was as big as my head.

Chun-Li is, without a doubt, the strongest woman in the world, but she isn’t the only female brawler. Janne looks nothing like the Chinese Interpol agent, but when defeated, both dames do what’s expected of upset women: They cry.

Did I miss any other similarities? Share them in the comments section.

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