*7* days of Bitmob Giveaways!

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October 2 update: The *7* days of Bitmob Giveaways are now over. Congratulations to all the winners, and everyone who participated. Thanks for the support, guys!

Day 7, Tuesday

This is it! Wrapping up our "7 days of Bitmob Giveaways" promotion, we're giving out one prize package that contains all of the following:

  • 1 PlayStation 3 game
  • 1 Xbox 360 game
  • 1 Wii game
  • 2 PC games
  • 1 PSP game
  • 5 3DS games

These will be a random assortment from Bitmob's library (for some reason, we have a lot of leftover 3DS product — go figure). For a chance to win all these games, you'll have to search for this icon somewhere on Bitmob (not counting the one you see here):

Here's a clue:


The green 3DS icon is at the bottom of an article that has appeared on the front page of Bitmob within the last month. But that's all we're going to tell you because we want you to work for this one!

If you find it, send the link to that post to letters [at] bitmob [dot] com with the subject head: Bitmob Giveaway Day 7. Make sure to include your mailing address in that email! (We promise we won't use it for anything other than to send you the goodies if you happen to win.)

If you do not live in the continental U.S., we won't be able to send these games to you unless you state in your email that you're willing to cover shipping (but note that these games may not be region-free — we don't take any responsibility for that).

We will pick one winner at random this weekend and announce the results here. Good luck!

Day 7 winner: Nicole Bouchard

Day 6, Monday

We have five BloodRayne: Betrayal codes (Xbox 360) for our fans! You want one? You just have to find this clue on Bitmob somewhere….

We've hidden the above icon in a story that we published within the last week (not counting this one, of course). Find it, then email the link to us at letters [at] bitmob [dot] com with the subject head: Bitmob Giveaway Day 6. In a few days, we'll pick out five qualified winners at random, then email them a code to download the game for free!


The article in question has a main image that contains a certain flying mammal that you could maybe say is related to one side of BloodRayne's family.

Day 6 winners: Carlos Reyes, Linda Wang, Jack Miao, Coburt Jordaan, and Ray Juanengo

Day 5, Friday

We have one copy of Codemasters' F1 2011 for Xbox 360 to give out, and we're including some KontrolFreek analog-stick attachments as a bonus (including Speed Freek, pictured below the screenshot).

For a chance to win this prize package, all you have to do is find the below green F1 icon in another racing-related post on Bitmob that's been published on the front page within the last three days, then email the link to that story (along with your mailing address) to letters [at] bitmob [dot] com with the subject head: Bitmob Giveaway Day 5 (we can only ship this prize within North America…sorry!).

This is the icon that you must find. Hop to it!

Day 5 winner: Marc Morrison

Day 4, Thursday

OK, see if you can follow along here.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is now in open beta at The physical product, however, has an expansion called Pokemon Trading Card Game: Black and White — Emerging Powers, which contains codes to unlock virtual cards in Pokemon TCGO to boost your online decks. And that's where we come in.

One Day 4 winner will receive two (2) Emerging Powers sets (containing both Theme Deck starter kits pictured above, plus eight 10-card booster packs — enough for two players to get rockin' with everything and then some).

To get a shot at winning this hefty prize package, you will need to find a certain famous little monster on Bitmob….

We do a humor series here called Bitmob's Quality Assurance, and a well-known Pokemon is hiding in one of its installments. Find him, then email the link to that story (along with your mailing address) to letters [at] bitmob [dot] com with the subject head: Bitmob Giveaway Day 4.

In a couple of days, we'll pick out one qualified winner at random and send him all the Pokemon TCG goodies. Good luck!

Day 4 winner: Grant Lilleston

Day 3, Wednesday

Blockbuster wants to give one Bitmob fan a copy of Gears of War 3 for the Xbox 360, signed by the development team at Epic Games. (Yes, we know we just ran a Gears 3 contest below for Day 2, but we wanted to squeeze this in here while the game was still a baby on store shelves.)

(Click for a larger view.)

Why? Because Blockbuster wants to get the word out about their own promotion right now: Buy a copy of Gears of War 3 from any of their locations, and you will receive a free pass for unlimited in-store game or movie rentals for an entire month.

You want this signed edition? Here's how to enter:

1. Follow @bitmob on Twitter.

2. Tweet this message out:

7 days of gaming prizes from @bitmob, including a signed copy of Gears of War 3:

Note: You can re-enter this contest by Tweeting that out again once per day until we announce a winner in this post (thanks, Brandon!). By the end of the week, we'll pick out one qualified winner at random and direct message him for his mailing address (that's why you need to Twitter-follow us).

And yeah, that means we don't have a hidden icon for you to find today. Our poor intern Samir Torres has been neglecting his wife while making these for us, and he made one for Day 3 before we decided to go the Twitter route. Here it is, so it doesn't go to waste. Sorry, Samir!

Day 3 winner: Danny Concepción

Day 2, Tuesday

We have three sets of Gears of War 3 "Go Commando" t-shirts, boxer briefs (clean, never worn), and bumper stickers. They're part of GameStop's National Go Commando Day promotion and…well, don't ask. We're not sure what these are about or why they exist, but we do know that we want the Gears underwear out of our possession ASAP.

To win one of these three sets (each containing all goodies mentioned above), you just have to find two Bitmob articles containing the below Gears icon (of course, this one you're looking at doesn't count). We've hidden two of these in two different posts…one more single-player focused, one more multiplayer-centric. Find 'em, then email the links to those pages to letters [at] bitmob [dot] com with the subject head: Bitmob Giveaway Day 2. Again, as a reminder, the search bar is your friend with these things. Tags, too.

Later this week, we'll pick out three qualified winners at random and send them their prizes. Note: We can only send these prizes within the continental U.S. (sorry!).


Day 2 winners: Chase Koeneke, Ronald Zimmerman, and Stan Omaye


Day 1, Monday

We've hidden this Warhammer icon in a Bitmob post containing a trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team.

Find that story (hint: search bar!) then send the link to letters [at] bitmob [dot] com with the subject head: Bitmob Giveaway Day 1. Later this week, we'll pick out two winners at random and send them a download code for Kill Team on Xbox Live Arcade!


Day 1 winners: Brandon Dithrich and Max Sobel

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