Prologue to Duke Nukem Forever

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Script for a fictitious prologue to Duke Nukem Forever.


Opening Scene: Close up of neon "XXX" sign above a seedy bar, night time.


Muffled thumping bass and girls laughing from inside, which suddenly becomes clear as the camera tracks through the club's walls to pan across the scene of scantily clad DANCERS. The camera follows behind a WAITRESS as she makes her way through the club, passing out drinks.

WAITRESS is stopped by a DANCER and shares a whispered instruction, she nods knowingly, reaches behind the bar for a beer and enters through a door marked "VIP". Cut to DUKE NUKEM's knees as two bare legs straddle him in a lap dance, music  muffled from inside the inner room.


The WAITRESS passes DUKE the beer and begins to undress alongside the first DANCER, music becoming louder and more sensual.


Inter-cut with a close up of a dirty finger nail on PIG-MAN's finger, caressing the trigger of a shotgun. Close up of pig snout snorting inter-cut with DANCER and WAITRESS getting closer to DUKE. More close ups of the disgusting PIG-MEN, tusks, leather boots. Zoom out to show five PIG-MEN, dressed in garish leather and biker clothes, each armed with an array of weaponry, mo-hawks and 90's sunglasses. 


Restrained squeals of anticipation are silenced by the largest PIG-MAN BOSS, as he directs his cronies to the sides of the entrance to the strip club.


Cut back to DUKE and the DANCER and WAITRESS, music reaching a crescendo and the the girls move their hands to their backs to unclip their bra's and say in unison, 






Cut to PIG-MAN BOSS as he squeals loudly signalling the others to enter the building.


Cut to a shot from inside the club as the PIG-MEN storm inside squealing and firing wildly and people screaming.


Cut to close up of DUKE's mouth,








Players take control of DUKE as he pulls out his pistol and you hear the sound of a zipper.


The DANCER and the WAITRESS cower as DUKE moves to the door marked VIP and an interactive prompt opens the door.


After entering the common room of the club, PIG-MEN are spreading out in their search for the player. The PIG-MEN do not notice DUKE at first, allowing the DUKE to choose the perfect moment or angle to attack from if he is careful to stay out of sight.


Overturned tables dot the club and provide good cover. 


Once the DUKE fires his weapon the PIG-MEN react, also opening fire, and attempt to surround him. DUKE darts from behind cover, taking out PIG-MEN with his pistol, one by one.


The PIG-MAN BOSS shouts orders and obscenities while his underlings are killed by DUKE.


When only the BOSS remains, a cinematic is triggered, revealing the BOSS has brought a chaingun with him, which he begins to spin up as the player is given control again.


DUKE quickly realizes he cannot stay in the open under the BOSS' barrage of bullets, which also chew up the overturned tables, slowly taking away Duke's cover.


The bar, however, remains even under chaingun fire, forcing the DUKE to take cover behind it.


Once there DUKE says, "Mmmm I could use a drink" as the interactive button prompts the player to pick up a bottle of alcohol, as well as pick up a shotgun laying behind the bar.


DUKE can then throw the bottle at the BOSS, temporarily blinding him as the contents smash open on his head, providing a respite for the player to unload the shotgun on the BOSS.


The BOSS recovers in a fit of rage and begins to move faster, making him harder to hit, though there remains a generous supply of bottles beneath the counter. Instead of firing wildly around the room, the BOSS also concentrates more of his fire on the bar and DUKE.


After two more successful bottle throws and unloading the shotgun on the PIG-MAN BOSS, he goes down in a strangled squeal. 


A cinematic takes over as the thankful DANCERS swarm towards DUKE, attempting to show their appreciation by pulling him to the floor and climbing on top of him when "low battery" flashes across the screen.


Cut to DUKE playing a video game of what the player just experienced, as his controller stops working, apparently from a low battery.









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