Puzzler: Name the games in the retro ads

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Video-game magazines are awesome, but it's no secret that about 50 percent of their pages are advertisements. Some game companies got creative with their marketing strategies; others got sad and pathetic. How many titles can you name from these old ads?

A. Teleroboxer
B. Power Punch 2
C. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
D. Black & Bruised


A. Power Glove
B. NES Advantage
C. U-Force
D. Turbo Touch 360



A. Base Wars
B. Super Baseball 2020
C. Power League 64
D. Dynamite Slugger


A. Super Thunder Blade
B. After Burner 2
C. Desert Strike
D. Super Strike Eagle


A. Tecmo Bowl
B. NES Play Action Football
C. John Elway's Quarterback
D. 10-Yard Fight


A. 7th Saga
B. Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest
C. Soul Blazer
D. Eye of the Beholder


A. Thunder Spirits
B. Axelay
C. R-Type 3
D. Phalanx


A. Sega CD
B. Turbo Grafx 16
C. Neo Geo
D. Jaguar


A. Burai Fighter Deluxe
B. Gargoyle’s Quest
C. Altered Space: A 3-D Alien Adventure
D. Operation C


A. F-Zero
B. Virtua Racing
C. Stunt Race FX
D. Road Rash

Turn to page two for the answers.

Puzzler: Name the games in these retro ads answers:

  1. B: Power Punch 2
  2. A: Power Glove
  3. A: Base Wars
  4. D: Super Strike Eagle
  5. C: John Elway's Quarterback
  6. B: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest
  7. A: Thunder Spirits
  8. B: Turbo Grafx 16
  9. D: Operation C
  10. C: Stunt Race FX

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