Hey Epic, check out these Gears 3 DLC ideas

NOTE: This post contains potential spoilers.

With the Horde Command Pack coming soon and the recent announcement of RAAM's Shadow, Gears of War 3 developer Epic Games is quickly supplying fans with a wealth of downloadable content. Many devout followers want to experience other aspects of life on Sera, however, and I'm included in that group.

The following is a list of additions I'd love to see.

1) The Pendulum Wars

Subtly mentioned throughout the trilogy, notably toward the ending of Gears 3, the Pendulum Wars saw the two major superpowers on Sera fight for control of the planet's resources, including imulsion. The trilogy hasn't shown any of that conflict, but it's been heavily discussed in the novels. Epic hasn't been forthright on the inclusion of such DLC, but many fans rejoiced when the Pendulum lancer (known as the retro lancer in-game) became a usable weapon. It doesn't need to be a massive episode, just enough to whet the appetite of fans who crave to destroy a force other than the Locust.


2) Emergence Day

The single defining moment of the Gears franchise — colloquially known as E-Day — forever changed the surface of Sera. The Locust emerged in an unprecedented military attack, wiping out a quarter of the population and putting humanity on the brink. References to the monumental event are littered throughout the series, but those mentions are purely stories. I want to witness the carnage and watch citizens fighting back with every inch of their being as gears scramble to save the innocent. Gears of War 3 attempted to depict some emotional scenes, but those sequences didn't convey much. Letting players experience life in Jericho as E-Day happens could set a welcome precedent for future releases.

3) The Hammer of Dawn Counterattack

This is the most significant event of the Locust War. Chairman Prescott held the burden of practically eliminating every major human settlement, including every city, outside the Jericho plateau. Hammer of dawn blasts turned millions of people into ash yet destroyed most military equipment, placing the Locust on equal footing with the rest of humanity. Since comic-exclusive characters will be integrated into the games with RAAM's Shadow, it's possible that this piece of additional content could center on a regular citizen. A potential scenario could feature Maria growing up on the streets of Ephyra, a nod to the dream sequence in Gears of War 2 when she presents Dom with breakfast the morning of E-Day.

Epic's franchise has a rich backstory rarely discussed in the titles themselves, and that's unfortunate. I have yet to read the all the books, although I have finished Aspho Fields, but now is the perfect time for the franchise to focus on its history — or its future.

I hope Epic will read this. Please spread the word, so we can make sure the studio gets this message!

What other DLC episodes would you love to see and why?

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