Reviews Spotlight: Battlefield 3, Micro Machines, Tokyo Beat Down, and more

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I just saw my first Christmas commercial, so I guess I had better start celebrating the holidays. I'll start by decking the halls with community reviews!

Above and beyond the call…but who's answering?
By Eriq Ortiz

He's talking about Battlefield 3, by the way. And I can say that I have not answered that call. I probably won't be answering the other one, either. You know, the Call of Duty call. Anyway, Eriq discusses Battlefield 3's self-promoted campaign against Call of Duty and criticizes Battlefield for falling short of its competitor's' standards.

My first video game: Micro Machines
By Patrick O'Rourke

Patrick takes a nostalgic look back at Micro Machines for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, which was also his first gaming experience. He asks for people to share what their first title was in the comments section of his article, so please do. For the record, mine was Mega Man. I'm not sure exactly which one. They all looked the same, especially to a small kid.

It'll tell you exactly what kind of game Rage is
By Corey Motley

What kind of game is Rage? You'll have to read Corey's article to find out. And if you said shooting, then you're a smartass. His answer is far more complex than that and compares Rage to titles like Fallout 3 and Bulletstorm.


License to Batman — A Batman: Arkham City review
By Patrick Cavasar

You've probably heard by now that Batman: Arkham City is great. Patrick is another fan of developer Rocksteady's homage to the Dark Knight, appreciating the lengths the title goes through to make him feel like Batman. For the record, I had a license to Batman once, but it was taken away from me after "the accident."

Get them, Batman!

Tokyo Beat Down Review (DS)
By Stephen Kleckner

Stephen takes a look at Tokyo Beat Down, an action game for the Nintendo DS, and finds an experience that is woefully stuck in the past. Too bad since old beat-em-ups like Double Dragon and Final Fight were some of my favorites growing up.

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