How we can keep our Gears of War 3 community intact

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Dear fellow Gearheads,

There are dark days ahead of us. Even with the recently released Horde Command Pack and the promise of free maps to the more frugal players among us, our numbers are set to drop…and drop severely.

Battlefield 3 has practically given us a Gnasher shotgun blow to the face, and things are even more desperate with Modern Warfare 3 arriving in stores this week. Before you know it, full lobbies will be a distant memory, bots will be your most common comrade, and you’ll have no competition for those weapon pickups. 

Sure, there may be some benefits: high scores, a spot atop the leaderboards; but try and think long-term. The Gears of War 3 community could perish unless we implement some strategies to consolidate our numbers and attract some new players. Here are some suggestions:

1. Chainsaw etiquette

If you are dispatched by a player who has a predilection for the chainsaw or the Retro Lancer’s bayonet, may I ask that you refrain from protracted stints of verbal abuse? Yes, it can be frustrating to die by the blade (particularly when you have your shotgun out), but it’s no reason to shout the likes of “n00b” or “cheat.” You’ll triumph more often than not if the circumstances are to repeat, so accept the death, keep calm, and respawn.

A gracious loser would make for a happy ending to this scenario…well, sort of.


2. For the Horde

You may not know the person you’re playing with, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t revive him during a game of Horde. I must have spent about five minutes in total crawling from player to player during one harrowing match on Blood Drive, yearning for someone to help me up. If we had a new player go through that ordeal, he’d more than likely switch discs and be done with us.

3. If at first you don’t succeed

This is another Horde-related pointer: If you die during a wave and can’t afford to buy your way back in, just wait a few minutes while the more competent players clean up the remaining Locust and Lambent threats. Don’t quit out nine waves into a promising match.

Furthermore, let’s say that all of us die. Why don’t we just stick around for another attempt? Horde is such a great selling point for players who aren’t up to the cutthroat competitive scene, so don’t dissuade them with your rage-quitting.

4. Participate

In-game events are regularly scheduled (they’ve happened pretty much every weekend since release), so jump on and play a few games of “Can You Dig It?” or “Boom Snipes.” Not only will you earn ribbons and medals, you’ll also find some compelling twists to the GOW multiplayer formula. 

I love this game, and I love playing it with friends, siblings, and even total strangers. Please don’t contribute to the demise of the Gears of War 3 community. Adopt some of my tips, and maybe I’ll get to play a few Wingman matches against actual people!

Do you have any tips that you would like to share? I look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards,

Tristan Damen
Gamertag: Dutch Rootsman

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