MW3: The Gaming Public Reaches new Levels of Stupidity

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With the recent news of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 earning over $775 million" many video game journalists have wrongly anticipated for the steam behind the Cal of Duty series to have long gone out, yet the studpidity of the mass market has proven for this to still not be the case. Year-in, year-out, people come in like droves to their local Best Buy, Gamestop, Walmart, Target, etc. Modern Warfare games boast a community of players that is so volatile that it quite literally wants to tear itself apart. But for some reason, the band is so enduring as to want to play a virtually reskinned game over, and over, and over, and over (four "overs" for each Call of Duty since 4).

Call of Duty finds its fanbase from the shallowest of players. Such players enjoy the brutal sensation of dominating their opponents, and have come to expect instant gratification for every perceivable action that is performed. I would not be surprised if Call of Duty nurtures a gaming community with the single lowest collective IQ score. I say this as inevitably no player seeks to cooperate with his or her teammates, will constantly use voice chat to curse and use racial slurs at said teammates in a supposed pursuit of "motiviating" the team, and use no tactics whatsoever in order to get the best of his or her enemy. And when each match ends, up starts a new one, and the monotony that Call of Duty players are seemingly oblivious to begins again. For one, I cannot possibly stand a gaming community in which it is natural to be rude to one another. However, I can in fact get behnd a gaming community where the enjoyment is shared, people cooperate, people are fully willing to show one another how to play, and people behave in a non-violent, friendly manner towards one another.

Through my extensive experience playing Call of Duty games, this has not changed the slightest bit, iteration to iteration. And the lowest-common denominators buy this game this year again. Activistion may as well publish a game titled "Call of Duty X" each year to see if the brain-dead masses are even paying attention to the slop they are willing to shell out $60 for. 


I am only slightly extremely flustered with the willingness of the gaming industry to buy the same game every year. 

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