Play n Trade R.I.P.

I was pretty upset to somehow find out that my copy of halo reach was scratched, but when my Xbox told me that the disc was unreadable and I should throw it away, everything turned gray the day seemed pretty gloomy it could be because it was raining all day but it was most likely because the universe was nice enough to make the weather fit my mood.

For some reason I remembered that my scratched copy still had one last hope it could be brought back to life for a measly two dollars, suddenly everything was still gray and pretty gloomy looks like the universe is not really with me today. I needed to go to play n trade

Now play n trade is a really sad story, what looked like overall a better videogame boutique compared to its competition, for me this boutique was destined to take over its competition. It was really a prefect store a dream for any actual gamer of any age, their staff was knowledgeable, their stores looked sleek and offered actual working testing stations for multiple games and not demos the full game, it had a loungey scene going on in the back where people could play games with friends for a small fee, it had a section dedicated to retro gaming where it had a vast selection of retro games and consoles and finally in my opinion the best part about it for me they could fix your scratched cd’s for a measly two dollars.

I was sold when I walked in the first time and i saw this

But for play n trade they decide to try their luck in a bad time overall for everyone, I mean everyone 2007-2008 were not a good years for America, So those years were not the best years for commerce and specially new small business and from 2007-2011 I witnessed the death of several play n trades from Miramar to Miami to Pembroke Pines, play n trade could not compete with the other well established retail stores, but there was one play n trade that was still standing the crown jewel of play n trade as I was told by a clerk there, they were the only video game retail story in the most well known shopping center in the city of Weston, so with this knowledge after not going to a play n trade for a long time I drove confidently to the last standing play n trade to fix my copy of halo reach, I didn’t find play n trade I just found the door closed, with the store hours, there was nothing no message saying why they closed or where to go if people had pre ordered a game. Play n trade in my area was dead all of them.

So it seems the Universe wasn’t gloomy for me neither for play n trade it was because it just was there like anything else for being there to remind me that there’s something that won’t be there. 

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