News Blips: Xbox Live TOS, Serious Sam anti-piracy, $0.99 Fruit Ninja Android, and more

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I know that getting sued sucks, but how about this, Microsoft and Sony: Don’t do anything to make us want to sue you and we won’t. Deal? No? Oh, OK. You’d rather just be evil.

News Blips:

Customers who agree to the new Xbox Live terms of service will forfeit their right to join a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft. In section 18.1 of the new TOS, the multi-billion-dollar corporation says that users are agreeing to resolve all disputes with the company via binding arbitration and that they are waiving their right to file litigation as a class. Basically, class-action lawsuits are no longer an option. The good news is that all those court shows on television are forms of binding arbitration. I feel that if I brought an issue to Judge Judy, Microsoft would pee its collective pants.

Microsoft has provided an opt-out method. Write a letter or send this form to:

Microsoft Corporation
 ATTN LCA Arbitration
1 Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

Once that process is completed, you and the 12 other people that actually follow through with this will once again have the right to a day in court. [Kotaku]

Developer Croteam has implemented a unique method of punishing people who illegally download its game Serious Sam 3: BFE. When players load up an unauthorized copy of the first-person shooter, they will be hunted down by an invincible scorpion man wielding two assault rifles. Those dirty pirates are welcome to play the game as long as they want…as long as they only want to play the game long enough to eat bitter arachnid vengeance. [BoingBoing]

Fruit Ninja, Reckless Racing, and Flick Golf are 10 cents on the Android Market right now. Google is throwing a sale to celebrate 10 billion app downloads on its Android OS. Each day for 10 days, 10 apps will be 10 cents. Get it? TEN! Among the deals are some of the services’s most popular games. Minecraft was one of the previously discounted titles, and the promotion still has more than a week left. Now, can someone show me where to put the dime into my phone?

The official Xbox Live app is now available on iOS devices. Microsoft’s Xbox Live just got a new coat of paint yesterday, and today the network is spreading its influence to Apple’s mobile platforms. The free app provides much of the functionality that users get from the actual dashboard. Now, iPhone owners can manage their friends list, send messages, compare achievements, set beacons, and edit their Avatar all while driving down the highway. Quick note: Don’t do all that while driving down the highway. 

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