Spotlight: Bastion, Skyrim, M-rated games, Phantasy Star Online, and more

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The Community Spotlight highlights some of the best unedited articles that didn't quite make the front page. This week, we've got an explanation of emotion in Bastion, a good man going bad in Skyrim, a game described as "the Japanese Diablo," and more. Join us!

Evoking emotion through gameplay: The Bastion effect
By Mike Potts
If you've played Bastion, you know how the game's constant narration affects the experience. Mike illustrates how Bastion's ending goes even further than that, eliciting strong feelings through your very actions. Powerful stuff.

Skyrim: When good guys go bad, part 2
By Don W. Harrison
Don continues his Skyrim adventures by describing what it feels like to go on a rampage through the game world, with no intention of saving his progress or continuing that thread of choices. That freedom is one of the best things about open-world games like Skyrim.

The game change 3
By Edward Varnell
"If developers depend on the same genres, storylines, footage, and stereotypical characters," Edward writes, "we are going to fault them for not exploring and trying to change." He argues that so-called "mature" games shouldn't just be about violence; they should tackle truly mature themes.

Phantasy Star Online: The Japanese Diablo
By Patrick Molloy
The Phantasy Star series has always had a small but fiercely loyal fan base. Patrick looks back at the series' first online entry and the wide impact it had in Asia as well as the Western world. "How many other long-gone consoles still offer that level of dedication?" he asks.

Obnoxious Nu-metal Hill
By Rory McCarty
Rory examines the Silent Hill games, arguing that the series lost its way when it lost its focus on atmosphere and ambience. That decline came to a head, he says, with the trailer for Silent Hill: Downpour. Suffice it to say that he doesn't think the music of Korn belongs in the series.

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