News Blips: Xbox 360 dashboard lead swapped, Skyrim 1.3 patch, Ninja Gaiden 3 releases March 20, and more

Good news! After prolonged debate, Bitmob's design gurus determined the website's logo will be redesigned into a giant green square. "It has four corners," a representative stated.

News Blips:

Long-time Xbox 360 design bigwig Don Coyner bows out for a major architect behind the recently overhauled Xbox Live interface. CNET reports Emma Williams, who helped shape the integration of Microsoft's systems-wide Metro layout onto the console, will replace Coyner as leader of the Xbox team's design and experience group. The ensuing consequences are two-fold: First, Williams will reportedly aid in marketing and brand strategy for the Xbox 360's successor. Second, expect a lot more symmetrically arranged square-shaped buttons in your life.

The 1.3 update for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim cleaves its way onto the Xbox 360. In addition to general stability improvements, quest fixes, and restoring actual meaning to magical resistances, the patch weans dragons out of their recent addiction to soaring around the sky ass-first. PlayStation 3 gamers have a small wait before they'll see an update headed their way. I didn't even know a Skyrim patch existed. I already wear an ADD patch, nicotine patch, Icy Hot patch, cabbage patch, Patch Adams, and an eye patch. I suppose I have room somewhere on my body for one more. Patch.

Ninja Gaiden 3 sextuple-somersaults onto the Xbox 360 and PS3 on March 20. Alongside the inclusion of a multiplayer component in the upcoming shinobi slasher, publisher Tecmo Koei announced a $100 GameStop-exclusive Collector's Edition containing a figurine, art book, soundtrack, and a Dead or Alive 5 demo. Wonderful, another worthy addition to my "stupid statue" shelf.

The free-to-play reincarnation of massively multiplayer crime-crawler APB Reloaded nabs 3 million players in its first week. The originally subscription-based game first released in June 2010 but only managed a meager gang of 130,000 players before folding later in the year. Now, the body count is suitably high to fill gaming's schrewd niche of accurately depicting the daily bustle of a smelly crack alley.

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