Kingdom Hearts 3D looks… Refreshing?

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Small tweaks have been made to the Kingdom Hearts franchise here and there, but it remains very similar to how it started. Sora and gang end up revisiting worlds and killing monsters they’ve fought 1000 times before. But, the next iteration looks to be making changes, for the better.

The first breath of relief fans should have about Kingdom Hearts 3D is the already confirmed new worlds. The newest trailer, dubbed Jump Festus, reveals worlds such as: Pinocchio (Not just the whale this time), The Three Musketeers, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Tron: Legacy.

Apart from Disney based worlds, Sora and Riku will be exploring KH original worlds like Traverse Town and Destiny Island once again. However, the trailer shows these worlds more flushed out, and less of a shell than they were in previous iterations.  

Another important aspect of the series receiving a face lift is the enemies. And it’s about time.

Familiar enemies throughout a franchise are important. After all, what is a Final Fantasy game withoutTonberries and Moogles? That being said, not seeing tiny, yellow wizards floating in the air is one of the best feelings ever.

This isn’t just a slight rebranding either, like with the Heartless and it’s similarities to the Unversed or Nobodies. The Dream Eaters, as they’re called, are new. Not to mention, have the vibrant appearance of a bowl of fruit loops. Giant birds, dogs and crabs are all seen in the Jump Festus trailer – each looking unique and challenging in their own way.

Not all of these colorful creatures are your enemies either. KH:3D will have bad Dream Eaters called nightmares, but also good ones – called Spirits. This is revitalizing compared to the series’ mainstay of: This is a heartless. It is bad. Kill it with this giant key.

The adaption’s made to Kingdom Hearts 3D may be simple ones, but they were greatly needed. Adding some new ideas without fundamentally changing what is a fantastic franchise will make KH:3D the great game fans expect. 

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