Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney live action film cast revealed

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Japanese film site (translated via Andriasang) has revealed the first pictures of the full cast of Ace Attorney, the upcoming live action film based on Capcom’s Phoenix Wright franchise. Credits and a gallery below:

I have to say that Capcom is responsible for some of the worst video game movie adaptations of all time and that at first glance, Ace Attorney doesn’t appear to break that mold. But what do I care? Resident Evil has already been defiled and pissed on more times than I care to count, so at the very least it can’t be as bad as that, right?

Ace Attorney’s plot follows a case where Miles Edgeworth has been arrested as a suspect in a crime, which will either make the dynamic between Edgeworth and protagonist Phoenix Wright more intriguing, or disjoint it completely. Japanese moviegoers and American torrenters will find out when the film hits theaters on February 11.

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