Steve Jobs immortalized with unofficial, “super realistic” action figure (pics)

Steve Jobs 12" action figure
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Attention Apple zealots: An eerily lifelike, unofficial Steve Jobs action figure set is slated for late February release, and can be yours for just $99.99 plus shipping. That is, of course, if Apple doesn’t issue a cease-and-desist order first.

The “Super Realistic Steve Jobs 12″ Collectible Figure,” as it’s called, was unveiled by toy companies In Icons and Dragon in Dream Corporation on New Year’s Day, and is the almost-perfect (some might say, freaky) reincarnation of the late Jobs in doll form — wrinkles, pores, veins and all.

The set features the deceased icon’s preferred uniform of black turtleneck, blue jeans and sneakers, along with two pairs of glasses, three pairs of hands, one black leather belt, a pair of black socks, two apples and a “One More Thing” backdrop. The figurine is pictured with (adorable) mini Mac, iPad and iPhone accessories, but those are not included in the set.

Want one? In Icons is currently accepting a “limited quantity” of orders via PayPal (the site is experiencing slow load times due to the onslaught of media attention). Be advised, though, that Apple will likely do everything in its power to prevent the doll’s production and distribution. The company previously quashed the sale of an unsanctioned Steve Jobs doll made by Chinese manufacturer MIC Gadget.

[via CourierMail]