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How’s everybody’s January? Anything new? Job? Car? Girl/boyfriend? Waistline? No? Looks like the game industry’s taking their cues from all of you because yet again, nothing comes out this week. Thankfully, you’ll still have something to read from my little article this week. I have rechristened last week’s new segment, which I’ll only abbreviate given its inane-ness, THCSAFWR! into 20/20. What do you think?

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Bulletstorm (Xbox 360, PS3)

Original Release Date: Tuesday February 22, 2011

Given its pedigree, one would think that Bulletstorm would have been far more successful than it actually is, but it didn’t turn out that way. Bulletstorm only managed to do about 350,000 units on its first month, and Epic has even said outright that it didn’t make money for them. But Why?

Bulletstorm was aimed squarely at the folks who loved chainsawing grubs and watching bits fly everywhere. It capitalizes on that love and makes it the central mechanic. Most, nay every FPS wants you do exactly one thing. Dispose of every enemy preferably with a headshot. Bulletstorm adds a unique wrinkle to that imperative with the “Skillshot” system. The game offers an ungodly amount of unique ways to kill your enemies with the standard “Headshot” probably being the most mundane of the bunch. One such Skillshot involves bouncing an enemy high up into the air and firing a flare into them propelling them even higher into the air before exploding like a firework. Most of these are tied to what weapons you use and how they’re used, but others involve the environment themselves. Sending an enemy towards exposed live wire counts as well as sending one towards spikes on a wall. These Skillshots does more than just make your kills look cool. Each one awards you with points that you can redeem for new weapons and upgrades for even more Skillshot insanity and most importantly, ammo to keep the points flowing.

Reviewers loved Bulletstorm’s emphasis on having fun and being creative with how you kill your enemies. It harkens back to before the days where every FPS on the market has to have a serious tone. So why did it flopped at retail? Some argue that its lack of a competitive multiplayer hurts it as well as its somewhat lacking campaign length clocking in somewhere between six to eight hours. At $60 perhaps they were right, but these days Bulletstorm sells for $30. What’s your excuse now?


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