Check out this giant game of Pong (video)

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Hewlett-Packard showed off its giant VantagePoint touchscreen recently by playing a giant game of Pong on the interactive screen. The screen consists of six 47-inch monitors connected in an aluminum frame. HP’s Carlos Montalvo squared off against blogger Adrian Covert of Gizmodo for the Pong demo.

The HP VantagePoint system runs PC titles and is targeted at retailers and businesses that want to visualize cool stuff. Retailers may be particularly interested in creating giant games like the one demonstrated by HP because they always have a hard time getting people to stop and notice their signs.

The HP VantagePoint uses infrared touch technology that is pretty responsive to finger touches. It can detect as many as 32 finger touches at the same time. The possibilities for gamers are pretty cool.

You may see these screens appearing in the coming months as businesses deploy them. But don’t expect to get one for your home, unless you’re willing to spend $125,000.

Check out the video below.