Battlefield 3 voice chat fix for PS3 is confirmed – patch coming soon

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Playstation 3 gamers can breath a sigh of relief today, as Electronic Arts’ DICE officially confirmed that a patch to fix long running Battlefield 3 voice chat problems is incoming.

PS3 users have been reporting issues with the voice chat functionality in Battlefield 3 since the Beta rolled out, back in September 2011. The full game saw the same problems occurring, but despite developer DICE saying that looking at the issue was a top priority, there had been no official confirmation of a fix, until now.

Speaking on the Battlefield 3 Battlelog forum earlier today , DICE Junior Product Manager Tommy Rydling confirmed that, “We have a fix on its way for the VOIP [voice over internet protocol] issue that some Battlefield 3 players have experienced on PS3.”

Rydling said to expect the patch that will clear up this problem “soon”, and told BF3 players to stay tuned for the exact timing.

There had been talk in various quarters that the voice chat problems on PS3, which manifest themselves as broken, stuttered speech, especially when more than two people are communicating at once, would be unfixable. The small amount of RAM (512MB) on board the PS3 had been cited as a possible cause for the problem, especially given that this is the reason cross game chat has never been implemented on the console.

This official confirmation from DICE that the voice chat fixing patch is finally on its way, should be a great relief to the huge numbers of PS3 gamers that have been affected. It will certainly be a lot easier to play a team based first person shooter, when the team can effectively communicate.