Welcome to GamesBeat’s Resident Evil: Revelations guide. First we’ll start off with some basic tips that will help you survive the latest Resident Evil experience, but then we’ll delve deeper into what missions and rewards await you in Campaign and Raid Mode.

Normal is not that hard unless this is your first video game, ever. There’s not much point to starting on Casual, as you’ll eventually have to come back and play through it anyway once you’ve familiarized yourself with the game and can beat it without taking damage (see page 2).

The first few Oozes can be intimidating, but once you get used to combat in the confined spaces and the behavior of the handful of different enemies, the game gets pretty easy. Even Hunters, which are typically the most dangerous non-boss enemies in the Resident Evil franchise, don’t pose much of a threat in Revelations, even in large numbers.

Like in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Jill (and everyone else) can easily dodge most incoming attacks. All you have to do is press up on the control stick right as an attack is about to hit. You can also press down and B to dodge and do a 180 turn at the same time, which is good when you need to run away like a little girl.

Getting the timing right for all the different enemies and attacks can be tricky, but once you’ve mastered dodging, you’ve essentially made Resident Evil Revelations your bitch.

Killing enemies is not always the best approach to a situation. Like classic Resident Evils, some enemies can be bypassed, saving you time and precious ammo. If you’re just passing through an area that doesn’t really need to be explored and you feel you can slip by any enemies without getting caught, definitely consider doing it.

While avoiding enemies you may have a few close calls. Luckily you’re invincible while opening doors and moving between rooms, so if you can just get to a door and press Y before an attack connects, you’ll be fine. However, if you leave a group of enemies waiting for you outside a door and have to eventually come back through it, they’ll charge up their attacks while you’re still stuck in the door animation. It’s almost always a guaranteed hit, so be careful.

Reload on the run
You can reload while moving, so make good use of that. Don’t stand around waiting to finish reloading if enemies are nearby. This will come in handy during timed sequences. If the area is clear, make sure you’re all reloaded before heading into the next battle or running around any corners.

Jill Valentine is the main character of Resident Evil Revelations. Any time you’re not playing as her (which is surprisingly often), you can use your ammo and weaponry a bit more freely. Sometimes you will only be playing as that character once, or at different times during the timeline, meaning your ammo will be restocked, or you’ll come across a huge cache of weapons and ammo right before any notable battles.

When playing as Jill, on the other hand, you really should be as efficient as possible. Use the handgun for as long as you can, then make sure that every shotgun, rifle, and machinegun shot counts. Things are not so bad on Normal as long as you’re careful, but green herbs can end up being scarce if you get reckless.

Now that you’ve got the basics, move on to the Campaign guide or skip ahead to the Raid Mode guide.


Clear CASUAL difficulty or higher
Unlock: Custom Parts – Charge Shot 3

Clear NORMAL difficulty or higher
Unlock: Hydra Shotgun

Clear HELL difficulty
Unlock: Infinite Rocket Launcher

Clear CASUAL difficulty or higher without using herbs or Infinite Rocket Launcher
Unlock: Custom Parts – Auto Loader

Chapter 1: Clear Episodes 1-3
Unlock: Raid Mode stages 1-7
Unlock: Raid Mode character – Jill 1
Unlock: Raid Mode character – Chris 1
Unlock: Raid Mode character – Parker 1

Chapter 2: Clear Episodes 4-6
Unlock: Raid Mode stages 8-12
Unlock: New outfit

Note: As best I can tell, this did not unlock a new outfit or character, despite saying it would.

Chapter 3: Clear Episodes 7-9
Unlock: Raid Mode stages 13-17

Final Chapter: Clear Episodes 10-12
Unlock: Raid Mode stages 18-20
Unlock: Raid Mode bonus stage
Unlock: New Game+
Unlock: HELL difficulty in campaign

Researcher: Scan all enemies
Unlock: Custom Parts – Edge Runner 2

You have to scan every enemy in the game once with the Genesis. Note that some enemies can be scanned multiple times, but only scanning them once (they’ll still be green in Genesis view) is all you need to do. This will unlock during the final boss battle on Episode 12.

B.O.W. Hunter: Defeat 150 enemies
Unlock: Handgun PC356

If you want this fast, the first Snow Mountain stage with Chris and Jessica is a good spot to rack up easy Fenrir kills. Just die before you’ve killed them all and choose to continue; you’ll keep all your mission progress but start the stage over again with all of your original ammo and herbs.

Angry Fist: Land 10 fully charged physical attacks
Unlock: Custom Parts – Long Magazine 2

The earliest you can do this is on the “Comms Boss.” You’ll know it when you see it. By shooting the red canisters, you will stun the boss and can run up to do a melee attack. Holding the melee button until Jill winds up and automatically releases her most powerful attack, and that counts as one. You’ll have to die after the canisters are all gone, so this will take you at least three tries, maybe more if he catches you with his one-hit kill.

If you still need to finish off the previous mission as well, there is a steady stream of Oozes during this boss battle that can help you get the last of your 150 kills.

Dodge Master: Dodge 20 times
Unlock: Custom Parts – Bind 1

As soon as you’re able to dodge, find a lone Ooze and just dodge 20 times. You may get killed since you’re not familiar with dodging yet, and sometimes the Oozes will grab you instead of trying to melee attack you, but don’t worry–as long as you choose “continue,” your mission progress will not be lost.

It’s good to practice this anyway, since dodging is key to survival in Resident Evil Revelations.

Secret Sign 1: Scan 1 hidden hand print
Unlock: Green Herb

Secret Sign 15: Scan 15 hidden hand prints
Unlock: Rifle PSG1

Handprints are Revelations’ version of collectibles. They’re invisible unless you’re looking through the Genesis, but even then you won’t be notified if one is nearby like you will with other items.

The following is the nine handprints I found during my first playthrough. They’re listed in the order I found them, but may be accessible earlier/later as well.

  1. During episode two, when you’re able to explore the bridge, one handprint is on one of the windows looking out over the sea.
  2. Shortly after the bridge handprint, another can be found in the pool room. You’ll have to use the screwdriver on the access panel to get inside.
  3. During the “Comms Boss,” there is a handprint in the kitchen.
  4. In episode five, after playing as the two idiots you’ll be in control of Jill again and can find a handprint in the same room as the lift.
  5. On the snack vending machine in the Crew Quarters. This is near the start of the game so I may have missed it early on, but I found this as Jill, after the cutscene where Chris and Jessica leave to search for the second ship.
  6. After the first encounter with a Scarmiglione (enemy with a shield), the handprint is on the tank with the fish.
  7. Second time playing as Keith, the handprint is on the projector screen after being attacked by the hunters.
  8. Once the self-destruct sequence begins and you’re back as Jill, there’s a handprint over the Veltro Journal #2 in the first room you enter.
  9. Right before the final boss battle in chapter 12, the handprint is directly under the “throne.”

Raid Mode is easily the best part of Resident Evil Revelations. It mixes the famed Mercenaries mode with some light RPG elements, such as loot, leveling up, and enemies with special statuses. I won’t lie though, my favorite part of Raid Mode is that you get to play as Jessica…

Every three episodes you complete in the campaign will unlock more Raid stages (for a total of 20, plus a bonus level). There are also multiple difficulties for each Raid stage, where you’ll face tougher enemies but get better rewards.

Since you’ll already be familiar with the game by now, my only advice is to keep your ammo and grenades fully stocked before starting each stage. You can re-up in the Store. After a few stages you should have a decent machine gun, which will be your weapon of choice going forward. Keep switching out your old weapons for the best machine gun at your disposal and using the best upgrades you’ve found. You’ll want to take a rifle with you for more powerful enemies, and then eventually a magnum when you finally get one. Save your grenades for mini-bosses.

Legendary Weapon: Obtain a super rare weapon
Unlock: New outfit – Parker 3

My first “super rare weapon” was the Drake, which I unlocked during Stage 9. I was level 9.

Legendary Raider: Obtain all super rare weapons
Unlock: New outfit

  • Drake (double-barreled dragon shotgun)
  • High Roller (AK-47) starting appearing in the Store at around level 13. I had one drop during a stage shortly after that.
  • The Pale Rider (level 19 magnum with an extremely long barrel and 10K damage) appeared in the Store when I had completed Stage 19 and had about 100000 BP in my bank. It was $70K, but well worth it.

The fourth weapon is the Muramasa, a legendary rifle, which has been reported to unlock as appear as early as level 12.

Muramasa tips were submitted by Glenn Van dormolen, Rinni, Elisabeth Elvestad.

Reach player level 5
Unlock: New outfit – Jill 2

For every mission or stage you complete, you’re rewarding equal amounts of BP (money for the Store) and experience, based on your performance. Generally speaking, you’ll level up once per mission, assuming you get an S or A rank. By the time you to Stage 20, you might be level 18 or so, but going back and grinding out some BP or missions (see below) will help.

Stage 10 is good for early grinding, since you can complete it in less than three minutes.

Stage 17 is great for grinding to 20 or 25, since it can be completed in less than five minutes. Especially if you have a mission(s) for the shield mutants, this can be very lucrative.

Once you complete CHASM difficulty, TRENCH difficulty opens up, and the very first level will reward you with 20000 BP/experience, so there’s not a lot of reason to stay behind and replay CHASM stages other than getting all S ranks and mopping up certain missions.

Reach player level 10
Unlock: New outfit – Jessica 1

Reach player level 20
Unlock: New outfit – Parker 2

Reach player level 30
Unlock: New outfit

Clear all stages on CHASM difficulty
Unlock: TRENCH difficulty Raid Mode stages
Unlock: New outfit – Raymond 1

It takes roughly three hours to finish the first 20 stages of Raid Mode.

Clear all stages on TRENCH difficulty
Unlock: ABYSS difficulty Raid Mode stages
Unlock: New outfit

Enemies on TRENCH difficulty start at level 17.

Clear all stages on CHASM difficulty with S Rank
Unlock: Honor – Color 1

This is not difficult at all once you’ve leveled up, and you’ll probably get about half of the S ranks just playing normally. Remember to avoid damage, keep your accuracy high, and know where you’re going and you should nail the S rank. I thought I bombed a few stages but still ended up getting it (though I also thought I did well on a couple of stages and ended up getting an A…).

Use a very powerful shotgun to ensure your accuracy score is high/perfect.

Clear all stages on TRENCH difficulty with S Rank
Unlock: Honor – Color 2

Ghost Ship 100 percent Cleared: Find the real goal area in the ship
Unlock: New outfit

The Ghost Ship is the bonus level (Stage 21). Enemies start at level 1 but quickly begin to get more powerful. You’ll basically need to run from one side of the ship to the other. It gets hard, and dying means you’ll have to start all over again.

To make your life easier, level up a bit before trying this (25 or 30 recommended), come fully stocked, and use a Handgun for as long as you can, so you don’t waste your more powerful weapons on weak enemies. Good luck!

Note: If you destroy the gold token at the beginning of the stage, you’ll get a C rank.

Complete 50 Missions
Unlock: New outfit

This includes both Campaign and Raid Mode missions.

Defeat Globster (20)
Reward: 10000 BP

These are the gross meat blobs on the beach. They only appear on Stage 2.

Note that the description says to defeat 10, but you’ll actually need to defeat 20 to complete the mission.

Defeat Ooze (20)
Reward: 10000 BP

Defeat Ghiozzo (15)
Reward: 10000 BP

These are the giant mutated fish. Best source is Stage 9.

Defeat Fenrir (20)
Reward: 10000 BP

You’ll kill over 20 of these wolf mutants on Stage 4.

Defeat Hunter (20)
Reward: 20000 BP

There are a good amount on Stage 10, and the entire stage can be cleared in about three minutes (at level 10).

Defeat Farfarello (5)
Reward: 25000 BP

The invisible Hunters can be found at the end of Stage 16. There are only three, so you’ll have to do it twice.

Defeat Scarmiglione (10)
Reward: 30000 BP

The lance and shield enemy. Stage 17 has four, and can be completed pretty quickly. Two shock grenades will instantly drops these otherwise-deadly foes, and prevent them from changing form.

Defeat Baby Draghignazzo (5)
Reward: 30000 BP

You face two of these at the end of Stage 18. Bring grenades.

Defeat Draghignazzo (5)
Reward: 40000 BP

The giant shelled boss creature. You’ll face one at the end of Stage 12.


Resident Evil: Revelations is now available in Japan and the UK, and releases in North America on February 7. Check back for our official review shortly!

If you’d like to add to or make a correction to this guide, please leave a comment below and you will be credited.