Reviews Spotlight: Chrono Cross, The Old Republic, The World Ends With You, and more

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This week's Reviews Spotlight features an underwhelming sequel, a more recent disappointment, a game that lets you whack pedestrians with a dildo, inconsequential role-playing, and one of the best DS titles you probably didn't play. Surely, I have something for everyone.

Chrono Cross: A mess of unimpressive gameplay and laughably bad storytelling
By Carlos Alexandre

Carlos unapologetically tears Chrono Cross apart in this review and specifically targets the role-playing game's overly complicated plot. If you were as disappointed with this sequel to the beloved Chrono Trigger as I was, I'm sure you'll enjoy his scathing breakdown of the title's many failures.

The Old Republic: Move along, these aren't the droids we're looking for
By Ben Freund

Lots of people praise The Old Republic's story-driven experience, but Ben thinks his decisions in the MMO do little to change the world around him. I guess that's a problem you'll have when every player needs to hit the same plot points and do most of the same quests.

Why L.A. Noire was a colossal failure
By Kevin Murphy

L.A. Noire was one of the most anticipated games of 2011, but as Kevin show us, the open-world title was full of problems. One that Kevin specifically points out, the inability to charge the actual guilty criminal in many cases, really damaged my experience.


It's a wonderful world
By Patrick Molloy

Patrick talks about The World Ends With You, a quirky action RPG for the Nintendo DS. Coincidentally, it's also one of my favorite handheld games. Patrick is also a big fan (I don't know who in their right mind wouldn't be), and he gives lots of praise to the Square-Enix title's experimental gameplay.

The World Ends With You

Saints Row: The Third review (X360): I'm an idiot, I'm a hero, I'm a zombie
By Tristan Damen

Why have I still not played this game? Every review I read makes Saints Row: The Third sound like a blast, and Tristan's is no exception. I'm especially excited to hear that you can get a Mega Man-esque arm cannon in this open-world silliness. I'm always looking for an excuse to shoot people with my arm.

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