Tips and Tricks: The Final Fantasy XIII-2 game guide


  1. Crystarium
  2. Historia Crux
  3. Serendipity: Casino & Chocobo Races
  4. Fragment Skills
  5. DLC: Coliseum, Omega, and beyond
  6. FAQ & Ultimate Weapons (<–you are here)
  7. Review

Serah and Noel’s Ultimate Weapons
Once you reach Academia 4XX, Hope and Alyssa will give you a mission to recover Core Fragments throughout time. Hope will also mention an experimental paradox weapon he’s been working on, and asks you to hunt down a Chaos Crystal.

The Chaos Crystal can be found in Serendipity. It costs 10,000 Casino Coins, or 7,500 with the Bargain Hunter fragment skill, which you’ll get shortly after turning in all the Cores.

See the Serendipity page for more information. If you want to buy it outright, it will cost you 100,000 gil for 10,000 Casino Coins.

When you have the Chaos Crystal, return to Hope and talk to him. It may take multiple times, since he said a bunch of random crap to me before noticing the item.

Now you can retrieve the paradox weapon from the next room, but you will only get to choose one, for either Serah or Noel. Whichever weapon you don’t choose will be available in Serendipity for only 1,000 Casino Coins at the very bottom of the Casino Shop.

These weapons are the most powerful in the game, but they require a bit of work to unlock their full potential. Their stats are based on how many fragments you have, so when you have all 160, you’ll have an immensely powerful weapon. If you have anywhere less than 100, you can easily find better weapons in Chocolina’s shop, especially after you’ve beaten the game.


Q: How do I unlock trophy/achievement X? 

A: Check out this excellent trophy guide by Aeliana.

Q: How do I find X monster or solve X puzzle? 

A: Check out this exhaustive Japanese guide. Prepare to fire up Google Translate, though.

Q: How do I unblock the gate in Archylte Steppe?

A: You need to find three green cactuar statues and defeat the Gigantaurs they summon. Two appear during sunny weather, and one appears during rainy weather.

To reach the west side of the map, change the weather to cloudy and use Mog to locate and uncover a cactuar statue that will teleport you. (thanks to Jacob & Kyle Blenkle for the tip)

Note that the Gigantaur is a tameable monster, and should be added to your party if for no other reason that the sheer spectacle of having a 50-foot cactus fighting alongside you.

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