My Divorce From the Nintendo DSi

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After a long period of mourning, I was having a divorce with my DSi.

I loved some games on the system. Unfortunately, it couldn't keep up with my appetite for higher quality Japanese games and apps that are actually useful. I simply didn't care about the stylus system anymore.

I traded in my black brick for a $40. My mission: to use the credit to buy a used Playstation Portable at Gamestop.

I needed the PSP because I longed to play all of the titles I missed out on years ago. I wanted to play through heartwarming Japanese RPGs, such as Lunar Silver Star. I especially wanted to play Xenogears. I love romance in Japanese RPGs. A Youtube video from Xenogears especially piqued my interest over the concept of sex in old video games.

I also wanted to actually play music on my device. My outdated DSi needed some fancy $20 PC application just so that I could transfer my music onto it. I didn't want that. I wanted to actually transfer my mp3s onto my game system without any hiccups. I needed so many functions that my flimsy DSi didn't have.

Footage from the first stage of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

The selling process was arduous. I tried to sell my perfectly fine DSi at a GameStop, but the horrible clerk tried to claim that it was defective. Although I had to hunt for a friendlier GameStop store, I finally traded in my DSi. I purchased the PSP 3000 with Final Fantasy Tactics for about $70.

I had some free time to shop a little longer, so I found an 8 gigabyte memory card stick for $30 at Book Off. Overall, the entire total amount was a pricey $100.

In spite of my struggles as a freelance writer, this purchase was the most exhilarating experience of my life. I now own one of the greatest video game jukeboxes in the history of the universe.

Screenshot of the SensMe music player on the PSP

For some reason I love this PSP more than any other console I've ever purchased. My new gaming device can play mp3s. It has an SensMe app that automatically generates music playlists based on the mood I'm in. I also have access to all the classic Playstation 1 games I missed out on years ago.

Don't get me wrong–I still have to raise money to make up for my $100 purchase. Despite the high cost, the whole handheld device was clearly tailor-made for everything that I needed. It was a purchase for pure love.

I wonder if people could ever take Photo Dojo seriously...

As much as I loved the DSi, I knew that I had to get this divorce. Nintendo's selection of DSiWare downloads was terribly disappointing. The 3DS has a wider selection of old Game Boy games, but the library cannot even match the PSP's stockpile of rare Playstation gems. I am now married to a PSP and no one can change how I feel about this dreamy piece of electronic art.

Then again, the PSVita could be the penultimate system to save all mankind as we know it. I'll just leave that for another story.

What are some of your favorite PSP games? How does the system compare to Nintendo's DS library? Could the PSVita possibly overthrow the 3DS in the upcoming handheld war? Write your thoughts in the comment section below.

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