Bethesda reveals Skyrim dragon mounts, house-building, Kinect shouts, and more!

Update: Swapped in a better version of the video.

Todd Howard, game director at Bethesda Game Studios, gave the opening keynote at the 2012 DICE Summit this evening. Among his slides, he included a number of videos, one of which showed off what the developers refer to internally as the “Skyrim Game Jam.”

After the development of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wrapped last year, the team was given a single week to throw whatever they wanted inside and mess around. The experiments ranged from humorous to “OMG why the F wasn’t that in the game?!” so it’s definitely worth a look.

Players have been requesting a dragon mount since before the game came out, and that (along with any other features seen in this video) may eventually become a reality, as Howard stated they all have the possibility of being released as paid downloadable content or in free updates.

A list of the internal mods:

  • Seasonal foliage
  • Flow-based water
  • New weapon: spears
  • Kill cams for magic and ranged combat
  • New stealth options like water arrows and assassin view
  • Guards can relight dark areas
  • Paralysis traps
  • Hanging structures and platforms in dungeons
  • Water current in dungeons
  • Dark dungeons
  • New companion options and customization
  • Build your own home
  • Adoption
  • Combine magic to create new spells
  • Goblins
  • Way Gate fast-travel
  • New unique mounts
  • Mounted combat
  • Dragon mounts
  • Soul Bug familiar
  • Kinect-enabled shouts
  • Footprints in snow
  • Better animations for fabrics
  • Ice and fire arrows
  • Werebear
  • Lycanthropy (werewolf) skill tree
  • Become a flying Vampire Lord
  • Vampire imp minions
  • New Mudcrab animations (?)
  • Giant Mudcrab enemy (!)

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