News Blips: Psychonauts 2(?), Kinect Star Wars dated (again), and more

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Did you know that today is Safer Internet Day? Neither did I. Suddenly, this article I've been planning about how to get kids on Xbox Live to give you all of their parents' money doesn't sound like such a good idea. I mean…what article? Hey, look over there!

News Blips:

Do you want to see a sequel to Psychonauts? So does Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson. "I'd love to do that game, but I'd have to convince someone to just give me a few million dollars, that's all," Double Fine chief Tim Schafer told Digital Spy last week. It just so happens that Notch has a few million dollars, so the block magnate reached out to Schafer over Twitter earlier today. We can hardly confirm Psychonauts 2 at this point, but the project has gone from "fool's hope" to "actual hope" in a single tweet. If it moves forward, we'll have that many more nerds free to ask Valve about Half-Life 3.

Kinect Star Wars and the droidified Xbox 360 Kinect bundle have received a new release date of April 6. The bundle will set you back 450 Republic credits and includes a blue-and-white astromech-styled console and Kinect, a shiny gold controller, and a copy of Kinect Star Wars. Microsoft has also released screenshots of the game's fifth mode, "Galactic Dance Off," which is exactly what it sounds like. I know a lot of people were disappointed they couldn't hop onto the Internet and call the Kinect title out for ruining their childhoods back during the holiday season, but their wait will be over soon. [Joystiq]

Good news if you were bummed out about team captain Tomáš Rosický's absence in FIFA 12: Publisher Electronic Arts has secured a four-year deal to include the Czech National Team in future installments.  “For all our fans that support and love Czech soccer, this will only add to the authentic FIFA experience they enjoy," said EA Sports' Vice President and GM of Soccer, Matt Bilbey. Series fans can look forward to leading their virtual Czechs to victory with such players as midfielder Jaroslav Plašil, forward Tomáš Pekhart, and goalkeeper Petr Čech.

I copied all of those names from Wikipedia.

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