Helpful infographics illuminate Pokemon’s brokenness

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SneaselJust like those douchebag trainers getting in your way in the countryside, Pokemon walkthroughs dot the Internet, covering every possible strategy for the venerable monster-catching franchise. Now, a surprisingly effective and useful set of guides deserve that slot next to your evolution spreadsheets: detailed looks on exploiting Pokemon’s infamous glitches.

Interested in discovering the pathway to Glitch City? Want to learn how to finally bag the hidden Mew in Pokemon Red/Blue? Reddit user "JpDeathBlade" not only packs each of his infographics with tons of text explaining the how-tos, he also underscores how the game’s shoddy memory management allows for the existence of such bugs. You won’t need Morpheus on speed dial or a Star Trek level of understanding for the terminology, but the exposition still provides an extra pinch of knowledge.

Check out JpDeathBlade’s newest submission after the break outlining how to nab the normally unobtainable Celebi in Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal.


Celebi Egg Glitch