News Blips: Binary Domain demo dated, World of Warcraft/StarCraft board games, and a free Vita game

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You guys should see the satisfied grin on my girlfriend's face when I have to ask her to help me with Rhythm Heaven Fever. This is my punishment for impatiently scoffing at her skills in the Shadow Mario levels of Super Mario Galaxy

News Blips:

Blizzard is partnering with Hasbro to create World of Warcraft Monopoly and StarCraft Risk. The classic real-estate board game Monopoly is being repurposed to fit the mythical world of Azeroth. Who hasn't wanted to stay the night in a hotel located adjacent to the Swamp of Sorrows? Meanwhile, the strategy games StarCraft and Risk are getting hitched and having a kid creatively named Risk: StarCraft. I’m pretty bad at StarCraft, but I bet that if I build up on Spaustralia (Space Australia), then I can kick butt in this version. Risk: Starcraft and Monopoly: World of Warcraft launch this summer for $49.45 and $39.95, respectively. Fans can head to the official Facebook page to vote on which pieces will be used in Warcraft Monopoly.

Sega will release the demo for Binary Domain tomorrow, February 14, on the PlayStation 3 and the day after on the Xbox 360. The trial should give players time to get acquainted with the game’s Consequence System. This gameplay mechanic will actively change Binary Domain’s story and gameplay based on how the squad views the player through his actions and performance. Gamers can also talk to the in-game artificial intelligence at any time through the use of a headset. I hope I can name my squad mates after Bitmobbers. It’d be fun to yell, “Shoe, make me a sandwich!” without getting hit for once. Binary Domain releases here in North America on February 28. 

Sony confirms that gamers who buy a PlayStation Vita 3G, and activate it with an AT&T data plan, will receive Super Stardust Delta for free. This week, the First Edition PlayStation Vita bundle launches for $349.99 and includes a 4GB memory card and Little Deviants. Next week, for $299.99, the standard 3G Vita launches with an 8GB memory card and one free month of data from AT&T. That complimentary month is sufficient to access the free Super Stardust download. Beyond that, the 250MB plan will be $14.99 a month, while a 3GB plan will cost Vita users $29.99. [Twittter]

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