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Many people, including myself, expected Sony to make at least some sort of announcement about a next generation PlayStation console at this year's E3 convention. However, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton affirmed that the company is not revealing anything any time soon.

He went on to proclaim that he would be “very distracted if I had to be talking about next generation hardware this year.” He's more focused on the Vita and PS3. My guess is Sony is trying to stick to their ten year life-cycle plan with the PS3. But by then, PC's, the Wii U, and possibly a new Xbox iteration will have flown by Sony. It will be old tech.

A frightening tidbit of rumors that made its way across the internet recently was about one of the big three bowing out of the next console generation. Reported earlier by Industry Gamers, Nanea Reeves of Gaikai claims "Not all of the current console makers will have one more generation. That will be the big news at E3.”

Industry Gamers speculated that Sony would be most likely to walk away. So far, part of their prediction is shaping out to be dead on. And the fact that Sony recently lost it's A- credit rating and was downgraded to BBB+ is heart wrenching to say the least. To make matters worse, Sony said they're expecting to lose a whopping $2.9 billion by March for a fourth consecutive year in the red. Maybe a PS4 will never even be possible for Sony?

What We Do Know

Even though Sony has shut down any rumors that they will be revealing a new console anytime soon, nothing has stopped them from gradually teasing bits and pieces of what to expect over the past two years.

Sony has hinted at the fact that the PS4 will be disc based. Sony's Kaz Hirai recently talked to Bloomberg back in January explaining that "Relying solely on networks to deliver content is unfortunately just not possible. It's still very difficult to have consumers download 50 gigabytes of data or more… To think everything will be downloaded in two years, three years or even ten years from now is taking it a little bit to the extreme."

We also know that Sony may already be working on the first games for the hopeful PlayStation 4.Develop Online suggests that "several" projects have begun at Sony first party studios and are likely still in the concept development state.

What I Want

To first point out the obvious, I want a more powerful machine, capable of pumping out better quality graphics and framerates. The Wii U is expected to be 20% more powerful than the Xbox 360. The next generation Xbox is predicted to be 6x more powerful than the previous generation. Lets hope Sony makes a fool of both.

I'd also love to be able to afford the thing. When the PS3 launched, I was almost forced into getting a second mortgage. The lower the price, the better and the bigger of an audience it will be able to reach.

In terms of motion controls, I had never been a fan until I saw what the Kinect could do. Hopefully, Sony will go in the same direction, ditching the silly wand required for the Move. There is an endless list of possibilities when it comes to “controller-less” gaming. I just hope their adaption won't falter in smaller rooms like the Kinect does. 

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