News Blips: Idle Thumbs Kickstarter, Japanese 3DS sales, and Seaman returns

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Only nine more days, and then it’s the month Mass Effect 3 comes out. I need to finish that Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC.

News Blips:

Another video-game icon, the Idle Thumbs Podcast, turns to Kickstarter to fund its return. Like the Double Fine Kickstarter, fans can help to finance something they love while also collecting a few bonuses like games and artwork. Unlike Tim Schaffer’s bold attempt to pay for an adventure game, this one’s only asking for $30,000. If donations for the Internet-radio show continue at their current pace, the Thumbs crew should reach its goal in about two to three hours ago…. OK, so the total is already nearly at $60,000, but you can still become a backer by heading here. Check out the video below for details on all the goodies donators can look forward to.

The Nintendo 3DS sells five million units in Japan in just under a year. That makes the handheld Nintendo’s fastest-selling system in the history of the company’s home country. Failure was the word on people’s mind early in the portable device’s life, but Nintendo responded quickly with a price drop and a flurry of high-quality titles. Now, the 3DS’s future is so bright, it’s gotta wear shades…just not, y’know, 3D shades, because it doesn’t require those. That’s Japan, though. It will be interesting to see if the market for a dedicated gaming machine remains as strong in North America, where Apple’s devices are more popular than ever. [Destructoid]

Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports that Nintendo will revive the odd creature-raising sim Seaman on the 3DS. The original Seaman was released on the Dreamcast and featured a half-human, half-fish specimen that players needed to feed, clean, and talk to. I’m hoping that this updated sequel will incorporate the 3D camera to allow players to paste real faces onto the in-game monster. Naturally, I’d get out my copy of Us Weekly and snap a face pic of Taylor Swift. I’ve always wanted to keep her in my pocket. [Andriasang]

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