Why wannabe game designers wanna be game designers in high school, (well two of them)

About a week ago I decided I wanted to be a video game journalist, realizing I'm going to be pretty shit at it in the beginning I'm starting early, high school to be exact. I probably lost allot of you by now so I'll get to it. I always kind of wondered what people who make games are like, not knowing any people who make games and being pretty lazy I settled for two of my classmates who wanted to be game designers. I asked them ten questions that I thought might be relevant. I wouldn't want to misrepresent my fellow students so these are their exact word for word answers.

 Why do you want to make games?

Answer One: "Ever since I was a little girl I loved games, as I got older I became interested in how they were made."

Answer Two: "Because, literally since before I was eleven I haven’t played games, but now I love them, plus I love to draw and art."

What kinds of games do you like to play, what genres?

Answer One: "All kinds, Adventure games especially like the legend of Zelda, I enjoy the exploration aspect of it and that I actually think."

Answer Two: "All kinds, from RPG to FPS to MMO."

Do you think the games that you play will have an impact on the games you produce?

Answer One: "Most definitely"

Answer Two: "Most definitely"

What kinds of games do you want to make?

Answer One: "If I could, all kinds of games."

Answer Two:"Large open world sandbox single player games."

How often do you play games?

Answer One: "As much as I can, usually over the weekends because of schoolwork."

Answer Two: "Currently not that often, but when I do I get into it."

What are your general thoughts about games as a medium?

Answer One: "Depends on the game, in a game like Zelda or Kingdom Hearts I like to be able to read it instead if just playing it."

Answer Two: "As a medium I view them as a successful form of entertainment."

Do you think games can develop to be respected as art?

Answer One: "Yes definitely, I’ve definitely played games I consider art."

Answer Two: "Yes, I believe they already have games that are art."

Do you keep up with any news in the games industry? Any thoughts on recent events?

Answer One: "Honestly I don't."

Answer Two: "That's a no."

Would you want to found a company or get a job at a pre-existing one? Which do you think would be more ideal for you?

Answer One: "I would love to work for Nintendo that would be my life dream."

Answer Two: "I’d want to start off at a pre-existing company but then branch off into my own."

Is there a developer you like best?

Answer One: "Not really, but if I had to choose it would be Nintendo."

Answer Two: " Definitely EA, Bungie, 343, and Valve. Plus many others."

Now obviously these are the answers of two people from the same school so they in no way represent the answers of all young wannabe game designers. Since this is the first thing I've done I would really appreciate criticism, just as long as it's constructive criticism. So please don't just write things like "you suck you cockgobbler!" I got quite enough of that in middle school. In any case I hope you derived some sort of enjoyment out of this. 

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