News Blips: Wayforward making Adventure Time game, Hackers reveal Dead or Alive 5 cast, and GameStop ending GameCube trade-ins

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It's Friday, and if you're not singing that silly, silly song, then grab a snack and fill your learning organ with news.

News Blips:

Wayforward is in the process of making a game based on Cartoon Network's popular series Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. Series creator Pendleton Ward has recently tweeted the announcement along with a few interesting drawings. I never thought about turning the ridiculous show into a game, but Wayforward's art style and track record seem too fitting for the series. This will be probably be the the most played video game where the terms "mathematical" and "rhombus" are used in regular speech. Yes, this is what the kids are into nowadays. No, they don't care about any of the '80s remakes unless they're made by Michael Bay. It's OK. When your children grow up, it'll be even crazier.

Hackers reveal the cast of Dead or Alive 5 by digging into the demo disc that came with Ninja Gaiden 3. Secret characters? Ha! We're far beyond that. If Street FIghter X Tekken and Dead or Alive 5 have taught us anything, it's this: If we want to know who's in a game, we'll just crack the code and figure it out ourselves. This is the future. Possible spoilers: This title should start considering a name change to Dead or Alive X Virtua Fighter. [Shoryuken]

GameStop will be ending their GameCube trade-ins on April 2, 2012. You probably won't be getting much if you rush to your local store to trade in your last few games, but consider going so you can pick up the dwindling copies of Super Smash Bros. Melee and Pikmin 2. Honestly, you've had your chance, and if you haven't played them yet, then shame on you. You've had three more years than those Xbox kids. [Joystiq]

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