Camera+ maker Tap Tap Tap hits 10M app sales

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The makers of seven iOS-only paid applications, including the sophisticated photo capture and edit application Camera+, have sold more than 10 million applications by way of the App Store.

Tap Tap Tap, a hobby-project turned accidental big-business, crossed the 10 million paid application sales milestone for all of its apps, the company announced Friday.

The iPhone and iPad app developer previously announced that it had made more than $6 million in revenue alone from Camera+-related purchases, which includes paid downloads and in-app purchases.

“We’ve been very fortunate so far in that all of the apps we’ve launched to date have made it into the top 10,” Tap Tap Tap founder John Casasanta told VentureBeat last month. “Each of them has had varying levels of success with Camera+ obviously being the most significant.”

Camera+ attracts a growing pool of iPhoneographers looking for robust mobile photo-editing tools. Its sales have climbed as the iPhone’s camera quality has improved, and the 10 million total app sales figure was surely pushed forward by the feature-packed new version released recently.

But all might not be smooth sailing ahead for the small app shop. Apple has caused a tidal wave effect by entering the mobile photo-editing space with a $4.99 iPhoto application for iOS devices. The application reached one million users in 10 days.

Photo credit: theqspeaks/Flickr

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