After Modern Warfare 3 outage, Activision offers fans a perk

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 servers on Xbox Live went down, spoiling the Friday night entertainment plans for millions of fans. But the service is now back up and game publisher Activision Blizzard seems like it will make a peace offering to those who are angry about it.

Outages have become a big deal in the multiplayer gaming world, as millions upon millions of fans are staying busy playing their favorite games year round.

Robert Bowling, creative strategist, at Activision’s Infinity Ward, tweeted last night, “I say we keep Double XP going for a bit longer than just the weekend to make up for lost time. What do you think?”

It’s a small perk, but at least it’s something. So far, we haven’t heard an explanation for the outage or how widespread it was. Modern Warfare 3 outages have been rare.

Meanwhile, Bowling also tweeted, “Do not accept game invites or join Private Matches from any player you don’t know & trust in #MW3. There are dirtbags up to dirtbag things.” That seems like a reference to hackers who take over your Xbox Live account and make unauthorized purchases.