Skyrim Modwatch: Slave Leia costumes and lightsabers

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Slave Leia and Star Wars mods for Skyrim

The gaming community has taken all sorts of liberties with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, sometimes making the game Bethesda should have, and sometimes, making things that cannot be unseen. Ever. More on that soon….

Today’s selection of Skyrim mods include a variety of Slave Leia costumes for that special someone, above, as well as Magicka Sabers (lightsabers), below. You can also convert the moon into a Death Star, should you be so inclined.

The Slave Leia mod isn’t quite an exact replica, unfortunately — it’s more like the version you’d buy at Party City, but the “barely there bikini/cloth” combination is delivered well enough. And best of all, Carrie Fisher isn’t wearing it.

I was also going to include a bunch of Force spell mods, but in Skyrim those are just called “Shouts.”

Follow the links to download these mods and more: