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Spoilerville: Mass Effect 3

Now that Mass Effect 3 has been out for nearly a month, GamesBeat thought you might be interested to see what would have happened if Commander Shepard went right instead of left, zigged instead of zagged.

Below you’ll find all the various death scenes in the game (for characters that mattered, anyway).

Thane’s Death

Wrex’s Death 

It’s surprising to see Wrex die so easily; if only the enemy krogan in Mass Effect 2 could be stopped in their tracks with just a couple of pistol bullets….

Mordin’s Sacrifice (Paragon)

Mordin’s Death (Renegade)

Regardless of how Mordin bites it, it’s arguably the most effective death in the entire trilogy. Mordin is hard not to like, and his sacrifice is a bittersweet one. He gives his own life to find redemption and save an entire race of aliens. Or, if you’re Renegade like me, you may have to stop Mordin yourself, which was still a hard choice. Renegade doesn’t mean “evil,” but it sure felt like it while watching Mordin painfully crawl towards the control panel, dying from the bullet I just put in his back. Sorry old friend, but the krogan were too much of a liability.

Of course, had things gone a little differently, Mordin might have seen things my way.

Miranda’s Death

While Miranda dies almost by default, it is possible to save her.

Tali and Legion’s Death

Two of the series’ best characters gone in a matter of seconds…. What is this, Game of Thrones?

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Legion’s Death 

The second saddest death. Farewell Legion, I had you in my squad for all of about 10 minutes at the end of Mass Effect 2.

Kaidan’s Death (yay!)

I chose to kill Kaidan so quick in Mass Effect 1 I didn’t even hear all the different options. But, if I had known I could have the honor of putting him down personally two games later, I might have given up Ashley instead. Might be worth another playthrough….

Ashley’s Death

So, at this point, it’s possible to be stuck with only EDI and James Vega, assuming the rest of the other playable characters died as mentioned above or in Mass Effect 2’s suicide mission. If you downloaded the From Ashes DLC, you’d also have Javik, but three characters are not a whole lot to fight alongside you in the final battle against the Reapers.

Samara’s Death

Whatever happened to Kelly Chambers?

I wasn’t especially attached to Kelly Chambers in Mass Effect 2, but just hearing her execution described out of the blue was a bit of a shock. Having watched plenty of 24 and Battlestar Galactica, I can imagine it clearly in my head, and it really puts the horrendous actions of Cerberus into perspective.

Kai Leng’s Death

The Illusive Man

Colonel Anderson


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