Mass Effect 3: Romances

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Mass Effect 3 endings, romances, deaths

Spoilerville: Mass Effect 3

Now that Mass Effect 3 has been out for nearly a month, GamesBeat thought you might be interested to see what would have happened if Commander Shepard went right instead of left, zigged instead of zagged.

Below you’ll find videos of all the different romance options. FemShep scenes are on the second page.

Ashley + Male Shepard

If you romanced Ashley in ME1 and Miranda in Me2, you’ll have some drama to deal with in Me3.

Jack + Male Shepard

Tali + Male Shepard

Liara + Male Shepard

Diana Allers + Male Shepard

Miranda + Male Shepard

Kelly Chambers + Male Shepard

Cortez + Male Shepard

Kaidan + Male Shepard

FemShep romance scenes are on the next page.