Has Call of Duty gotten “too” mainstream? & Will Black Ops 2 break MW3′s sales record?

Anyone that follows Call of Duty news should know that the most recent installment Modern Warfare 3 or MW3 broke video game launch sales records last year. At a staggering 6.5 million copies sold in the first 24 hours this was the biggest entertainment launch of all time. It predecessor Call of Duty Black Ops was the previous record holder and Modern Warfare 2 before that…

As you can see there is a visible pattern here, but the online gaming community seems to believe that this year’s Call of Duty, (trust me there will be one) won’t break the record.

Modern Warfare 3 received mixed reviews, many positive from big websites and many negative from the community. People called it MW2.5 from the start and still think it is an unfinished game.

The online stat tracking service known as Elite launched alongside the game, but the majority of users couldn’t even register their accounts for almost a month. Premium users didn’t get what they paid a good $50 for at launch either; and big features like Clan Operations were not live and operational until just recently in February.


Black Ops sold over 5.6 million on launch date and over 25 million total worldwide.


Modern Warfare 3 wasn’t exactly embraced like previous titles, so the question is: Can Black Ops 2 produce better results or has the community finally moved on, to other military shooters such as the Battlefield series, Medal of Honor, or possibly Homefront 2, since MW3 left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths?

In my opinion the fate of the series relies on how well the next Call of Duty is received by its fans. They are tired of the cookie cutter style and layout of each game, the community wants an original game, they want more.

A few days ago potential legitimate multiplayer details and a release date were leaked for Black Ops 2 and are now all over the web. An article with full details is in a link below. These details have produced quite a stir in the community; YouTube is filled with tons of videos on the subject including one of my own. (Link below as well)

The importance of this stir is that people are actually excited but also scared for the next game. The reason they are most likely scared is because of the ominous inevitability that Black Ops 2 will disappoint even more than MW3 and one of their favorite IPs is becoming an annual waste of $60.

The series has definitely gone mainstream, but what I mean by too mainstream is that in a too mainstream situation, (excuse the slang) haters start “hating.” They will do whatever they can to destroy the subject’s reputation and anything positive about it. In this case it’s the Call of Duty series. Sure Activision has been asking for it or digging their own hole but if they listen to the community, the series might have a second chance, no pun intended.

This is my first article on Bitmob. I love constructive criticism so please comment!

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