Bungie says goodbye with 10 years of Halo stats (infographic)

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Bungie Halo 3 ODST Reach 4 Stats

Bungie Studios is in the process of severing its final ties to the Halo franchise and has shut down the multiplayer stat-tracking on To commemorate the hundreds of thousands of years gamers have racked up playing various Halo titles online, Bungie has released the all-encompassing infographic seen below.

“We have followed your careers with great interest here on,” read a blog post on the official Bungie site. “…[Y]ou have gifted us a mountain of heroic moments to memorialize. It is with a sense of awe that we step back and admire the impact that you have had on our games and upon our studio. Thanks for sharing your stories with us.”

In less than a decade, players have logged 20 billion online multiplayer matches played across all Halo titles. If only homework, dieting, and curing diseases were all as easy as teabagging random nubs over Xbox Live….

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Bungie Halo 3 ODST Reach 4 Stats