My 10 favorite installments of The Warcraft Hero

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Next week I’ll be finishing The Warcraft Hero. It’s hard to believe that what started out as a poorly drawn comic about World of Warcraft ended up being a slightly better drawn comic about World of Warcraft.

Since November 22, 2009, I have made a hundred Warcraft Hero comics (counting the final one). I thought it would be fun if I dug deep into the archive to select my ten favorite cartoons. This ended up being a lot harder than I thought, but I did come up with a list of (in no particular order) my 10 favorite Warcraft Heroes.

The Warcraft Hero in: Super drunk

Every great hero has to hit their lowest moment, and Wilhelm’s came shortly after Squi’s death. Depressed and lonely, our hero used his massive fortune to drown his sorrows in ale.

Wilhelm is always such a bright, happy-go-lucky character. It was fun to show him as a bitter, angry drunk. “Quest accepted” also has to be one of my favorite punchlines.


The Warcraft Hero in: Just act natural


I love Subject Eight! He was based off a real World of Warcraft quest where you had to help Subject Nine, a super-intelligent raptor, build a spaceship so he could find a world to call his own. Unsurprisingly, it was hilarious stuff.

Subject Eight was reduced to a babbling moron, which allowed for a lot of lowbrow humor. Him mooing still brings a smile to my face.

The Warcraft Hero in: Squire for hire

Squire for hire

The introduction of Squi! I almost forgot there was a time when he wasn’t a part of the comic. Actually, I originally wanted to have no recurring characters at all. I’m not sure why…I’m sure I had some dumb reason.

I quickly found out that I needed someone to play off of Wilhelm. Since he was a happy man-child, I decided to pair him with an easily annoyed kid. That combination helped the comic go on as long as it did.

The Warcraft Hero in: A very serious comic


This is my favorite episode that I don’t think anyone else likes. Well, at least they certainly don’t like it as much as me, but I live for dialogue like this. Wilhelm says something stupid, Squi tries to put up with him, and then the punchline.

That’s 90 percent of the comics right there.

The Warcraft Hero in: Deathwing's demand

Give me apple pie!

Confession time: The whole “apple pie” thing is something of an in-joke between my friends and me. Basically, professional wrestler Hulk Hogan once fought Ric Flair in a “Yapapi Indian Strap Match,” but anytime they said the word “Yapapi,” it sounded like “apple pie.”

Also, I loved turning Deathwing, the most sinister and threatening of all Warcraft villains, into a pretty silly character who really just wants some good pie.

The Warcraft Hero in: Prelude to ruin

Probably nothing.

I released this comic slightly before the Cataclysm expansion came out. To prepare the players for the coming of Deathwing and the destruction he would reign down on Azeroth, random earthquakes would trigger all over the game world.

The World of Warcraft is always on the verge of ruin, which I imagine must be pretty draining for its denizens.

The Warcraft Hero in: That's so goblin

So weird.

This comic features another classic Wilhelm/Squi conversation, with the sudden revelation that they’re stranded on an island. I actually only added that twist because I had no idea how to end the cartoon. This caused me to have to spend a few comics explaining how they got off the island. You’d be surprised how often I write myself into corners like that.

I also love bearded Wilhelm.

The Warcraft Hero in: No Contest

No contest

I love that Wilhelm can't die. We usually associate the immortal with wise and mysterious charcters. I loved turning that idea on its head and giving immortality to a complete dope.

This comic is my favorite of all the ones that use our hero’s undying nature as a punchline. I mean, if you can’t be killed, why not challenge a man to a stabbing contest?

The Warcraft Hero in: Children's Week

Poor kid :(

This is easily the darkest installment of The Warcraft Hero, but Children’s Week is a real thing in World of Warcraft, where you let some orphan follow you around while you go on crazy adventures. You know that has to end badly a decent amount of the time.

I felt bad about killing that little red-headed kid, though. Maybe that’s why one of the characters in my new comic looks so much like him.

The Warcraft Hero in: The Black Knight


A lot of the earlier Warcraft Heroes were based on real quest-lines from the game. One of them involved a man called the Black Knight. The climax of this story involved the shocking revelation that he was evil!

There are a lot of things in this comic I love, including Wilhelm’s love for ostriches and his unwillingness to help unless he gets his 13 gold.

That’s it! Please share your favorite Warcraft Hero moments if you feel so compelled!

It all ends next week.

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