Save-Games and Replayability: A Rant

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My hard drive with my Vista install died a few weeks ago. It took my Fallout: New Vegas saves with it (a big deal). It also took my Kane and Lynch: Dog Days saves (an even bigger deal because I was almost at the end and I do not want to play that game again). Now this is almost entirely my fault because I knew where the saves where being kept and I didn't set up a periodic backup like with my XP install. It does bring up a question I had quite awhile ago, and one to which I can't find an answer. WHY THE HOLY HELL AREN”T MY SAVES IN MY GAME INSTALL DIRECTORY?!

From the DOS days I realized it was better to have game saves elsewhere. I kept most on 3.5” diskettes and after a few missteps transitioning to Windows I had a separate hard drive strictly for game installs. This proved to be rather pointless when my C: drive suffered a fatal crash. Upon acquiring a new drive and getting everything running I found out that my Titan Quest (again, almost at the end) saves were not on my G: drive as I had thought but in the MY DOCUMENTS folder.

Now if there is a good reason for this disparity I'd like to hear it. That wasn't sarcasm if there really is a good technical reason for keeping save games not in the game directory I really would like someone to share that information. As it stands now it is just a major annoyance. It brings up the bigger issue of locked saves, limited saves, and cloud saves that don't work. Why is it so difficult to start again where I stopped? What are the games' producers so afraid of that making saves easily findable is such an issue. The gap can sometimes be years, but it brings up a larger issue. I generally don't want to replay games. I tried going through Titan Quest again. I tried a new skill tree so it would be somewhat fresh. I couldn't get past the first area. I'd done all this before, I had no desire to do it again. I have played some games over again but it felt more like a going through the motions exercise as opposed to an entertaining experience. This is contrasted buy the hours I've used up replaying X-Com, Master of Magic, Master of Orion, and Civilization 3. Games in which no matter the path taken all kind of end up in the same place. The thought of going through New Vegas again making different choices, but losing the outcomes from before just feels tedious.

I don't know why replaying a select few games seems natural while all the others come across as a chore that requires repeating. I do know that I should be able to pick up where I left off with minimal hassle.

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