The Month Of Color

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A few weeks ago, Spring has approach and the weather in different areas has been pleasant and fitting.  Not much wind or rain but there are times when you can get confuse that its summer (and that’s not normal around this time of year).  With that being, I would like the of April to be a month of color.  With awesome games like De Blob and Okami and even new games coming soon, I believe this is the time to go back into your personal library of games and play some of them that has color and life.  Whether it is your backlog or games that you just got, seeing amazing graphics or even remembering a moment that a piece of a game stood out with it vibrant scenery.
For me, I love exploring through a game with a classic look or a adventure that the color provides a atmosphere of being a hero and the journey is beautiful,  Games like Windwaker, Mario Sunshine, Adventure Island, Joe And Mac, Tomba, and TMNT: The Arcade Game (NES version).
I finish the game Enslaved a while back and it brought memories of me going through Double Dragon 2 (no connection but the feeling was there).  The way the levels were design in DD2 and the fun I was having with the minimal color staying simple yet clean.  Enslaved had a nice simple and clean nature in the first few levels before you get to the end.  The color of those games are very separated. The green in Enslave (Natural and growing) gave a sense of hope yet overtaken a planet that felt dead inside.  Double Dragon 2 had a lot of blue and copper which in my eye had hero and strength in winning as a personality for the player.
That’s just a small dose of what color can provide to a gamer and this month, I plan on writing and playing 5 games that express the usage of color and what it means in the game.  There is a lot of games from the past to now that use color in great ways than just art in its level design.  If anyone has any suggestion for any game I should play with the use of color, leave them in the comments.  I will do my best to pick them up and play them.  Let The Month Of Color Begin!!

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